What are you most looking forward to in 2022?

I am, against all hope, looking forward to real movement on 2 WTC. It won’t stay like that forever and maybe this is the year some big news is announced.

Past Years:

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I’m looking forward to the end of covid.


Amen I’m hoping Covid comes to an end soon as well. In terms of developments I’m looking forward to seeing how Steinway Tower and 2 Manhattan West will illuminate at light. Im also looking forward to seeing the construction of new approved skyscrapers.


Happy New Year, everyone. I look forward to Covid ending (hopefully), word peace, the elimination of hunger, etc. Closer to home, I look forward to:

520 Fifth;
570 Fifth;
Hopefully 405 and 417 Park proceeding together as one project;
175 Park signing an anchor; and
The announcement of more supertall condos.


3 Hudson Blvd
Phase 2 Hudson Yards
Affirmation Tower
45 Park Place
2 & 5 wtc


Well development wise, demolition of the Grand Hyatt for starters!



  • James Webb Telescope successfully deploying within the next month and all equipment operational after the 6 month cool-down period once it reaches L2. Been tracking progress daily since launch on Christmas.
  • Mentally getting through the 2022 midterms.
  • hopefully post-COVID



  • 9 Dekalb cladding completion and nighttime lighting
  • 80 + 100 Flatbush
  • 30 Front Street Completion


  • 4503 23rd Street (544 Feet) news
  • 30-25 Queens Boulevard news


  • 270 Park rising, an official rendering for us peons
  • Final design/height of 175 Park
  • 350 Park news

57th Street:

  • 111 W57th nighttime lighting
  • 41 W 57th updates

Hudson Yards/Penn:

  • 15 Penn
  • 2 MW Completion
  • 418 11th Ave (Affirmation)
  • Nightime lighting of 50 HY and Spiral


  • 2WTC and 5WTC progress
  • Perleman PAC completion and seeing it glow from the internal lighting at night


  • LGA and JFK renovation progress
  • The fate of rail access to LGA
  • East Side Access completion
  • Penn Access updates
  • Any updates to the current Penn to make it less a hell hole
  • Any updates on SAS Phase 2

Some progress on these blights:

  • One Seaport
  • 45 Park Place
  • The Xi

If this is 2 WTC, I hope that it doesn’t rise.

If this is 2 WTC, then bring it on!



Honestly, the Hotel Penn, the Roosevelt and the Grand Hyatt/Commodore are the biggest ones. Most curious about the Roosevelt though!

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What are the plans for the Roosevelt again?
I know Hotel Penn is being replaced by Penn 15 and Grand Hyatt is being replaced by 175.

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I hope that the Roosevelt gets landmarked.

Given that NY board members don’t have any fondness for Pakistani’s, I can see that happening.

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Stocks are already at all-time highs. I hope they go higher and we have a new Roaring 20s.

I hope COVID goes away.

More supertall condos.

An announcement of a tenant at 2 WTC.

NYC continues to cement itself as the world’s greatest city and inches closer towards 100 supertalls.


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I hope thinking in NYC:

-Empire Station Complex moves forward as a whole

-Port Authority Bus terminal and surroundings get redeveloped and the area between midtown west and Hudson yards get the treatment it deserves

-More news about new projects in Midtown East. A lot to go yet with the rezoning original sites. Lex and 3rd Ave are still underdeveloped.

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I bet the development gods have a nice surprise in store for us at 405/417 Park.

Building two smaller towers there wouldn’t make much sense.

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I know Trump was looking at this about a year and a half ago. Considering the air rights they are conducive to a 2 million some odd square foot building. Sorry if there are typos, hair of the dog here.

They want those zoning dollars. Grand Central, Midtown Manhattan? Yeah, they’ll take anything.

100 supertalls? Since when?

That is my prediction by around 2050.

Basically a 425 Park Avenue but a block south. Lex and Madison need some investment as well. Can’t put too many scrapers on Park, it gets boring. Third ave, when you can, but don’t press too hard for it.

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Ehh, I highly doubt 100 supertalls by 2050 unless the outer boroughs start booming in population and increase their density by a lot. On the highly optimistic end we’ll have 40 to 50 supertalls by 2050.

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