Most exciting future developments

  1. Two World Trade Center- this will complete the new WTC complex. 1,350 feet tall. Massive for the city and America.

  2. ABC Headquarters redevelopment- potentially the tallest residential building in the world.

  3. 175 Park Avenue- 1,575 feet tall next to Grand Central.

  4. 570 5th Avenue- I suspect a residential tower north of 1,100 feet here overlooking 5th Avenue. Gary Barnett is behind it.

  5. 350 Park Avenue- The future home of Ken Griffin’s Citadel. 1,350 feet of class A office space.

  6. 15 Penn- 1,200 feet of class A office connecting Hudson Yards to Midtown.

  7. Park Lane- the most ultra prime property on the planet. Potentially tallest residential building in the world. Penthouse exceeding $300 million.

  8. 625 Madison- another ultra prime property. I suspect 1,200 feet - hopeful for Stern limestone.

  9. 31 West 57th Street- another ultra prime property. Good bet on 1,200+ feet of residential. Doorstep of Central Park.

  10. 650 Madison- another ultra prime residential property down the line. 1,200+ feet a decent bet.

  11. Hotel Roosevelt- potential to be the tallest hotel on the planet atop condos and office. 1,500+ feet?

  12. 417/405 Park Avenue- a combined site would yield another class A office mega tower.


Interesting list but would have a few additions:

Site K 418 11th Ave- Publication of the winning design

ESC, PABT four towers and finally Hudson Yards Phase Two.

Gateway Project

For my megatall concepts, I recommend visiting my own topic here in the forum (Sky High Tower Complex to over 2200 feet).


Is the Macy’s tower DOA?

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Something will get built eventually.

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Those sites combined would definitely be a Class A office tower but the product would not be anywhere near being a mega tower, it would be smaller than 425 Park Ave.

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St. Patrick’s still has 900,000 sq feet of air rights. I wouldn’t be surprised if these two sites got combined and the developers bought some of them.

That could yield something in the One Vandy range on the high end.

At that point the development wouldnt be office anymore because taller office towers need larger cores, and considering this one would most definitely be boutique offices, thats a deal that probably wouldnt happen due to the overall lot sizes, it’d either just stay commercial or change to residential/mixed use possibly, and thats the instance without buying anything.

One Vanderbilt is 1.3 million ZFA, 417/405 combined is 500K, i dont think the developer would buy 800K sqft worth of air rights for such a small site that makes more sense to be commercial, atleast in this area of the east midtown along Park Avenue. The only exception to the residential changes before 57th St along Park ave is the Waldorf Astoria.

Outside of that, I cant say/think of an instance where a developer bought more in airrights than were available on the site.

As for 570 5th, I think commercial makes more sense for the size of the site more so now that the corner site is apart/will be apart of the assemblage.

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TKDV, how much sq footage does the 570 5th have with that corner building included?

The overall assemblage is slightly above 48K sqft, which means an AOR building would produce a building with ~721K ZFA.

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