New York's Future Supertalls (Discussion)

I was reading the thread on Extell’s 562-570 Fifth Avenue and there was a general consensus that with the right design, the site has the potential to sprout a supertall. That got me thinking, what other sites in New York are likely to give rise to supertalls in the near/intermediate future? I thought of a few:

–562-570 Fifth Avenue

–211 West 54th Street (1710 Broadway)

–740-750 8th Avenue

Coincidentally, these are all Extell sites lol. Anyone else know of any potential supertall possibilities? I’m thinking of sites that either have a lot of air rights or have a medium amount but a small footprint. I’m especially curious about potential supertall sites in Brooklyn.

Why make a new post when many of these sites have their own individual threads? I thought it would be handy to have a master list going, a single thread where we can list all of these potential 300 meter + sites. That way, in five years we can look back on this thread and see which of these sites have seen any action.

Edit: Here’s what we’ve got so far:

  1. 562-570 Fifth Ave

  2. 1710 Broadway

  3. 740-750 Eighth Ave

  4. 341 Madison (former MTA Headquarters)

  5. 235 East 42nd (former Pfizer Headquarters)

  6. 790 Seventh Ave

  7. 989 Sixth Ave

  8. 360 Tenth Ave

  9. 80 South Street

  10. 650 Madison

  11. Hotel Roosevelt

  12. Former Subway Inn

  13. Park Lane


Via CTBUH. Current list. Some theoretical parcels not listed.


holy sh*t, 25+ supertalls?


341 Madison Avenue is the most likely. It sits in the lucrative Vanderbilt corridor.

Other than that, here’s some guesstimates:

235 E 42nd (ex-Pfizer)
790 Seventh (rendering popped up from a few years ago)
989 Sixth (KPF hired, 80 floors long term project)
360 Tenth (dormant, seeking a partner)


Here’s an article about 790 Seventh from last year. Could be up to 1500 feet tall!


it actually had a rendering as well.


I’m wondering how 80 South will manage, given the crackdown on Chinese capital investments in the U.S…

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Last we heard, Oceanwide was quietly marketing it.


80 South has been tossed around like a hot potato between different developers for years. I’m hoping whoever gets it next will finally build something there. I’m not sure when 80 South is going to rise, but I have the feeling that whenever it does, it will be very tall.

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Lets hope. It might be prime for the next cycle once the ultra-luxury sector isn’t as soft.

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I think 650 Madison is another supertall candidate, though I’m not sure about the air rights situation with that one. It would be a perfect location for a Stern supertall, though.

Does Vornado own that junk-filled block to the south of MSG? If so I could see a tall tower rising there, especially if the Penn District gets rezoned.

If we’re thinking long-term, I’m almost certain 335 Madison will sprout a supertall in 20-30 years. Very stupid of Milstein to pursue a renovation instead of tearing that hunk of junk down and taking advantage of the Vanderbilt corridor upzoning.

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If I recall, 989 sixth is supposed to start construction early 2020, and they already have a tenant

Shame it’s KPF, Not saying they are bad architects, but they only build glass towers, with this proximity to the ESB I’m not sure if that’s something that will be liked


At one point Nouvel and de Portzamparc were being considered for 989 sixth. They would have been much better choices than KPF.


Its a mixed used too which is ideal. Once those leases expire the demo process should begin.

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Don’t forget about the rumored tallest building in the world. Vinoly made mention of it, but he also said he didn’t think it would be built.

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Thought of a couple more: Hotel Roosevelt and the old Subway Inn site. Some Chinese company was planning a supertall at the Subway Inn location, but that’s probably not happening at this point. I’m sure whoever eventually buys the site will want to take advantage of the park views, so they will build tall.

I vaguely remember hearing that the Hotel Roosevelt has more air rights and square footage than One Vanderbilt. No idea if that’s true or if my memory is playing tricks on me, but if so it would be the perfect location for an iconic tower.

It’s a shame freakin’ Milstein decided to renovate 335 Madison. If he had built a supertall there like he originally planned we could have four in a row: One Vandy, 335 Madison, 341 Madison, and Hotel Roosevelt.

As I was typing I thought of an obvious one that nobody listed yet: Park Lane!


Source? I know the Emiratis or someone was looking for cities to build it in years back

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Palma + Partners have posted this design for a building, looks like a supertall


Check out this concept

Don’t know why Instagram links aren’t working


Loverly! almost a modern Twin tower :slight_smile:

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