NEW YORK | Countdown to 100 Supertalls

New York City will eventually have 100 supertalls, far surpassing anywhere else on Earth. The market is simply white hot. Millennials and Gen Z absolutely love New York City. It is the capital of the world. The national city of America. There is simply too much demand for NYC real estate for us to NOT hit this goal, in time.

Here is the list of supertalls currently complete or proposed with an announced height.

  1. Affirmation Tower- 1,664 feet
  2. 175 Park Avenue- 1,575 feet
  3. Tower Fifth- 1,556 feet
  4. Central Park Tower- 1,550 feet
  5. 350 Park Avenue- 1,450 feet
  6. 111 West 57th Street- 1,431 feet
  7. 432 Park Avenue- 1.397 feet
  8. 270 Park Avenue- 1,388 feet
  9. One WTC- 1,373/1,797 feet
  10. Two WTC- 1,350 feet
  11. One Vanderbilt- 1,301/1,401 feet
  12. 30 Hudson Yards- 1,296 feet
  13. Empire State Building- 1,250/1,474 feet
  14. Penn15- 1,200 feet
  15. 41 West 57th Street- 1,100 feet
  16. Three WTC- 1,079 feet
  17. The Brooklyn Tower- 1,073 feet
  18. 740 8th Avenue- 1,067 feet
  19. 53W53- 1,050 feet
  20. 343 Madison Avenue- 1,050 feet
  21. Chrysler Building- 1,046 feet
  22. The Spiral- 1,041 feet
  23. 45 Broad Street- 1,039 feet
  24. 50 Hudson Yards- 1,011 feet
  25. 35 Hudson Yards- 1,009 feet
  26. One57- 1,005 feet
  27. 262 5th Avenue- 1,000 feet
  28. 520 5th Avenue- 1,000 feet
  29. One Manhattan West- 995 feet
  30. 3 Hudson Boulevard- 987 feet

Before you laugh- September 12th, 2001. There existed only 2 supertalls on the island of Manhattan- Chrysler and Empire.

There were serious questions. Would NYC build tall again? There were a few years of malaise, but the momentum is now virtually unstoppable.

Here is my list. It’s a bit old at this point so I’ll probably need to update it.

List of supertalls (Currently built, proposed, on hold, and under construction)

  1. 1 WTC
  2. Affirmation Tower
  3. 175 Park Avenue
  4. Tower Fifth
  5. Central Park Tower
  6. 350 Park Avenue
  7. 111 West 57th Street
  8. 1 Vanderbilt
  9. 432 Park Avenue
  10. 270 Park Avenue
  11. 2 WTC
  12. 80 South Street
  13. 30 Hudson Yards
  14. Penn 15
  15. Empire State Building
  16. Bank of America Tower
  17. 45 Broad Street
  18. 41 West 57th Street
  19. 3 WTC
  20. The Brooklyn Tower
  21. 343 Madison Avenue
  22. 53W53
  23. Chrysler Building
  24. New York Times Tower
  25. The Spiral
  26. 35 Hudson Yards
  27. 740 8th Avenue
  28. 247 Cherry Street
  29. One57
  30. 262 Fifth Avenue
  31. 520 Fifth Avenue
  32. 570 Fifth Avenue
  33. One Manhattan West
  34. 3 Hudson Boulevard
    35 - 38. Possible 4 + Penn Station Supertalls
    39 - 41. Possible 3 + PABT Supertalls
    42 - 43. Possible 2 + Hudson Yards supertalls
    (These are really just guesses)
  35. Macy’s Tower (could be a supertall)
  36. 790 7th Avenue
    46 - 50. Possible future Midtown East supertalls
  37. 4 Times Square

Etc. Plus any possible future proposals


Isn’t the tip of the ESB 1,454 ft?

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Midtown East will only add to this. Although I would really love if we see more in Brooklyn. Hopefully 9 DeKalb will be what One57 was to 57th Street.

In a way, by osmosis, Jersey City is way overdue.


It’s gonna happen. Hopefully Adams is a pro-development mayor and the crazy NIMBY influence can be lessened somewhat.

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He’s including the lightning rod.

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Surprisingly it’s looking like he is. Which is good. If his red carpet via the DOB for development jargon is anything to go by. He also, when the Real Deal had their conference, spoke highly of real estate, so that’s always a good sign. Now he just needs to step it up on crime prevention but we won’t get into that.

On super talls, the race is on to a 100!

If anything, Adams is more hindered by the borough presidents in Queens and Harlem City Council officials. But I do believe he is very much pro-development and a good force in that respect.

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We’re already on track for 45 - 50 completed or under construction for 2035.

I imagine residential will have to lead the way to 100. Maybe some supertalls along the waterfront in both Manhattan and Brooklyn. Maybe we could even get that red hook redevelopment from a while back.


Yeah the Red Hook can be a big one. I believe the success of that will bank on transit expansions but the potential is there. Yeah a bulk IMO will be of mixed use. Unless the city starts encouraging market rate units along the waterfront or near transit that are at a minimum of a 1000 units, which on a tangent, is something I’d like to see. As a comparison. if we look at some of the projects within Miami-Dade, many of those are high unit counts, 800-1000 units, and the frequency is up there… now… translate this to NYC and the potential is there. Smaller footprints but a good way to one get supertalls and two, to aid with the supply issue. The city can do it, it just needs to encourage more of it. Also getting rid of air rights and relaxing the zoning in some areas to allow for these units to rise.


Yup yup. Hopefully we see a boom of them. It’ll be great for the city. Lots more units. Plus it will have the added benefit of making NYC look so much bigger, just like the Brooklyn Tower has done.

Also I like how tall the ones we’re getting are. Not just a bunch of 984’ buildings.


100 Supertalls is just incredible to think of. The skyline is the city’s ever-changing face, always aging and growing. Now I am just praying that we get Two WTC in the next 5 or so years to fill that gap from 1 to 3 WTC.

I look forward to that day like most of us. :grin:


Hopefully the Bronx can be part of the race as well

I’m looking forward to that too! But imagine we have 100 supertalls and still no 2WTC :sweat_smile:


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