NEW YORK | Future Towers of 1800+ Feet (Discussion)

I created this topic as a place to discuss and ponder the following:

  1. When will NYC see its first tower of 1800 feet to the roof, 2000 feet to the roof, or even 2000+ feet?
  2. Where might this happen; what boroughs, neighborhoods and sites?
  3. What would be the factors making this a reality?
  4. Anything else you guys can think of that would play into this type of discussion.
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Well personally I think a tower of that size is likely to show up in hudson yards.
But a problem that has been discussed before is the air regulations. I belive its a height limit of 2000 feet and then special pardons and paperwork are required to build higher than that.

Are there any particular sites that you can think of?

I’ve heard rumors of the following sites potentially supporting an 1800+ tower:

  1. Hudson Yards
  2. Madison Avenue with the midtown east rezoning.
  3. 80 South Street

Again, these are just rumors that I’ve heard mostly through here, SSP and SSC. I wonder if something will materialize out of at least one of these locations.

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Those are the only ones I have ever heard of.
I dont know much when it comes to zoning and regulations so I would not be the best person to ask for that.
Another neighborhood that may be a candidate is DoBro… but then again I dont know much about this subject.
i just hope we get a megatall soon!

Well here’s the thing. I completely agree with you in that a megatall in NYC would be amazing. At 600 meters, we would have a roof of 1968 feet and the faa need not get involved. 600 meters would dwarf every other tower going up in NY now and it would create a peak, just as the ESB did single handedly in 1931. We just need a developer bold enough to want to make this a reality.


I copied this list off of RobertWalpole’s “Age of Ramses” Thread.
Is there any hope at all for any of these sites breaking 600 meters to the roof?

335 Madison (1,000’+)
Park Lane (1,000’ +)
360 10th Ave (1,000’+)
80 South St (1,000’+)
50 HY (1,000’+)
Hudson Spire (1,000’+)
Subway Inn Site (1,000’+)
340 Flatbush (1,000’+)
Kaufu’s Hudson Rise
99 Hudson
Extell’s 1740 B’Way (1,000’)
31 W 57th St (?)
16 W 57th St. (?)
562 5th Ave (?)

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Park Lane will most likely be in the 900-1,200ft range
Hudson Rise will most likely be in the 700ft range
50 HY will probably be somewhere between 1,000-1,100ft
99 Hudson (Jersey City) will barely break 1000ft with whatever ends up going there
340 Flatbush will be somewhere between 1,200-1,300ft

Everything else is still very much a mystery

There are numerous lots on and around 57th street that will most likely harbor supertalls.

I was thinking about this recently. After this wave of buildings is over we will have numerous towers above 1200’ including:

Empire State Building
30 Hudson
Steinway Tower
Central Park Tower
432 Park Avenue
1 Vanderbilt

At this point, 1 WTC will appear far less unique in terms of its impact in the skyline. It will just be one of many towers in that class. In turn, building higher will not seem to threaten it’s presence anymore since it will share the air with so much more real estate!

I think some of these might reach that potential, but the developers will wait until the market isn’t as saturated. Other then that, I agree with Cityguy87’s figures.

I don’t think any of the previous mentioned towers will surpass 1WTC. But next generation may.

I agree. I think we will see a frequency of 900-1200 ft. It’ll take a special tower to top 1 WTC. It could’ve been done with Vanderbilt. Eh, but we will see. Although I’d love to see that Vornado Assemblage near MSG harbor the future tallest.

Same thinking here – I don’t see any of the current generation of proposals surpassing the ~1600’ mark. Reason being, at the luxury residential market’s hottest, the tallest proposals have all been in the 1200-1600’ range, which suggests that’s roughly the point of diminishing returns.

I’m not actually sure what market conditions it would take for the next cycle to spawn even taller towers – certainly, we’re a long ways away from the skyline being so crowded with 1400 footers that a new tower has to be significantly taller just to ensure great views.

Part of the reason for that point of diminishing returns is the extreme cost of building so tall – a cost which is exacerbated by the slenderness of residential towers. And sadly, even with construction technology advancing, it’s hard to imagine building a supertall in NYC getting much cheaper.

Conversely, it’s certainly feasible to build an office megatall (see China’s many projects) but do office rents in NYC offset how expensive that would be? Will they ever?

If I had to put money down, I would bet that NYC’s first megatall will actually be a hybrid tower, with a sturdy office/retail component supporting a more slender (and absurdly profitable) residential section above. Of course, such a thing would require a huge assemblage, like 2-3 million square feet at least… although that would still be less than an all-office megatall.

As for what specific sites might support such a thing, I really have no idea. I know there was some talk of the Midtown East re-zoning allowing for residential toppers to office towers – did that wind up happening?

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Sources put the rezoning vote around 2017. Hopefully before the election. Still has to be revealed. The full details of what the rezoning entails.

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I think if NY breaks 2000’ it will be a design like the Shanghai Tower.

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Good point, Vortex11. “A Vertical City in NYC”.

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Yes, something that maximizes floor space over slenderness. It certainly won’t be built on 57th street.

My best guess is west side/hudson yards. Although I feel that the next wave of 1500 footers will dominate East Midtown mostly.

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It seems the current boom is winding down, at least in terms of new proposals, but still plenty of construction to go through. It looks like the tallest new roof height will go to CPT at 1550’.

It will be interesting to see what the next waves throws at us, whenever it begins. Will we get proposals starting in the 1400-1500 range with the top cracking out above 1700-1800 feet? Will we see a 600 meter proposal? Only time will tell!

I think we will see towers in New York taller than One World Trade around the 2050’s…IMO

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