NEW YORK | 52-56 West 57th St | FT | FLOORS

One entity owns these three sites, which run all the way to 56th St. Buildings on 2 of the 3 parcels were razed, and a small, seemingly empty building still sits on No. 52.

There’s a market rate rental building to the west, and Vornado (I think) owns the office building to the east.

It’s a matter of time before something happens here.


Nice! Supertall potential??

Definitely!!!i hope that the rental tower to the west is incorporated into this project.

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57th Street is turning out to be like Dubia. One main avenue with tons of supertalls. With Nordstrom UC right now, and the other supertalls starting in late 2014/early 2015, its only a matter of time. With the demand the way it is, and the potential for a profit, developers will continue to take advantage of this. Expect many more supertalls in the next year or so. Its a giant game of suspense in essence.

I agree, Chris! New York’s boom has just begun!

Yea it’s crazy to think about it. Don’t forget there is supertall potential with Park Lane and Rizz too!!

Robert, is a developer involved yet? If not, I’ll move this to the “Vision” category since the site has yet to be organized. But I’ll include this site in the “Billionaire’s Row” list (which I need to clean up-- I’ll just include 57th street projects and adjacent blocks)

Hi, Dr.

I think that one of the major developers (perhaps, Vornado) owns this site through an LLC.

Nothing is currently proposed, but it’s inevitable that something will be announced here. I really believe that the owner is trying to acquire the Atlas rental next door.

Sounds good. A site like this couldn’t possibly go unnoticed in this day & age. I’ll keep this under proposal (if you’d like). I’ve always walked by here and wondered what people have planned.

I took this shot in April:

A nice, roughly 30 story tower was proposed for here around 7 years ago. However, I am sure that the developers are trying to assemble a bigger lot.

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I would imagine the air rights for this lot would be huge? Given the market right now, and the compact nature of the lot, this could yield something very tall.

I agree. This can be quite big.

A year later and still no clue what’s going on here, though that five story building with the deli on the ground floor looks boarded up.