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Something will rise here:

Very nice. On 57th too which means that the 150 million in investment will probably quadruple in profit.

seems like a good sized parcel. Also with a 150 million investment they either need to build really tall or have ridiculously price units in a shorter building to turn a profit.

I think a hotel would be great here. One that’s an upgrade over the existing. Possibly a multi use so hotel and residential. Its one way of making a return on it, but I think a hotel would be ideal. They tend to always fill up fast and anywhere in Midtown is a cash cow. With 60 million plus tourists expected for 2016, now’s a good time to capitalize on the demand for hotel units.

hotels are still reasonable in midtown though price wise. I am staying at Hilton Midtown East for like 170 a night on a weekend. But again I am comparing that to Hawaii where even the worst hotel is going to cost you over 100 a night, the Hilton depending on when you go is 250ish.

That said more competition is better. More people that can afford to stay in NYC will visit and spend their money shopping and seeing the sights thus help the economy as a whole.

That’s a pretty good rate for 170. Yeah it really depends. Some seasons or times are better. Even the plaza can sometimes have good deals. Especially for a single travel but for couples that have kids and stuff, it starts to rack up. But like anything else here, there are bargains to be found and sometimes, they can be pretty top notch places. Although off topic, but I’d recommend the bar at the Plaza. Its actually really good and the prices are surprisingly cheap. That and my favorite bar, fraunces tavern. If you haven’t been there yet, make that a destination.

The Standard is a good one btw. If you come to visit again in the future, I’d recommend that one. Its that hotel that has an overpass over the high line. Located on Washington Street. Good for HY views down the line. :wink:

give me some good restaurants near Hilton MT East and Rockefeller Center. Not looking to spend much time eating as we want to see so something more low key would be preferred. Definitely want to get some NY Pizza a good Pizza place.

Do you like Middle Eastern food? If so, you could try Abaleh. Some nice platters. Can either sit at the stool or get it to go. Its on the UES on 2nd. Right around 72nd Street.

For pizza, Brooklyn is the spot to be but for Manhattan, try Pizza Supreme. Its on 8th and 30th. Very close to MSG.

It’s not like a fancy place, but they are good with the slices. If your in DoBro, try the House of Calzone.

While a bit far, if you really want one of the top spots, Di Fara is worth it. Its $30 a pie, but the old man, the legend, is still at it. The way he uses the sauce and olive oil is genius. Its in Midwood though, so its out of the way unless your down for uber or a taxi.

I’d recommend a stroll along 2nd Avenue in the UES. They have a lot of places there. I could give you more recommendations, but they tend to be on the pricey side though.

BUT, never underestimate the street carts. They have some really good dishes.

well we plan to got to WTC in late afternoon so many we can get to Brooklyn easier from there for dinner.

Basically we plan to start the day at the Central Park, spend a little time in the MET (just going to hit a few exhibits) check out all the construction on 57th street, find lunch. Take the Subway from TS to Hudson yards, check that out, walk highline until we get bored of it go down to WTC. It will be a Saturday. Friday night after we check into the hotel (around 1700) we are going to head to midtown and do top of the Rock and times square.

Thats sounds like a good plan and tour.

Yeah I mean the best advise I can give in terms of just traveling is to get lost. Like do what you have in mind, and after, just get lost. Kinda hard I know with the street layout, but often just aimlessly wandering around SoHo or the Village or even the Lower East Side can reveal many unique places. For food even, randomly sampling or taking a gamble with a place can be rewarding.

BTW, good choice with the Top of the Rock. Best views for now until 30 Hudson is finished and Vanderbilt which I think will triumph them all.

I think after the WTC, a tour of Chinatown is a must. Its a really unique place. It’s not that fake chinese you see in other cities, but the real deal. Little Italy is overrated IMO , but Chinatown is awesome. Also some great food. Its a short walk from the WTC up Church Street.

If you like Houka, for night, there’s a great place called Babylon on West 34th and 3rd. They have food, drinks, hookah, and they have belly dancers. The music isn’t loud loud either.

been to China, Korea, Japan, Cambodia and Thailand many times in the past 2 years. So I think I can pass on Chinatown, when I have been the real thing. Also 1.5 days and so much to see!

We may do the ferry thing to staten island, or we might wait til we come back in a few years and the wheel is complete.

Yeah 1.5 days is way to short. Ugughg. I know whats going to happen to. Your going to leave wanting to come back. 1.5 days will feel like 15 minutes with so much to do and the excitement. Just get up at the crack of dawn and stay up late into the night. Sleep can wait!

But in any case, I hope your trip is a smashing success. Have fun! :smile:

I hope this means the ugly motel will be torn down and something else will be built in its place.


That’s part of 57th is gross. The dilapidated, rent-controlled tenements are hideous.

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Yeah, W.57 could use some new towers. And that Holiday Inn site would be a great start.