NEW YORK | Hilton Grand Vacation Hotel (12 E 48th St) | 366 FT | 31 FLOORS

This won’t be tall or even very nice, but at least we’ll lose some eyesores. It’s a shame that the developer couldn’t acquire 15 E 47th, which is atrocious.


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That assemblage is dying to be expanded. Hopefully somebody at Hidrock will take notice and demolish that screen (for the sake of their own success).

I totally agree. The building with the metal screen is horrible.

The building to the left, is that going too??

Fortunately not. It’s a beautiful building that needs TLC.

What could be made of the building to the east:

Revealed: 17 East 47th Street


17 East 47th Street, image by George Boyle Architect

The eight-story Mercantile Library at 17 East 47th Street may be in for a vertical extension, as renderings for an enlargement have been posted to architect George Boyle’s website, outlining the possibilities for the future “Merc Hotel.”


From the 48th St side on Jan 28, 2016.

It’s a shame that the developers can’t get that filthy eyesore to the west .

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It’s sad that these putzes didn’t get this eyesore next to their site. Hopefully, their tower won’t be too heinous.

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I think these are the same guys who bolt that WTC Marriott at 133 Greenwich

Hidrock builds lots of shlock.

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It’s a shame that the utter eyesore to the west on 48th St won’t be razed.

July 7th

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Today. Taken from 47th st side. Hopefuly they expand the assemblage or sell to someone who will expand it.

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Sadly, that won’t happen.

I think demolition is done. Today


Nice update, NYC.


Hidrock locks in $101M in loans for 31-story Midtown hotel

Hidrock Properties just pulled off $100.5 million in loans for its new 31-story, 161-key Midtown hotel project.

The family-led development firm plans to build a new hotel at 12 East 48th Street. Midland National Life Insurance provided a $70.7 million construction loan and another $29.7 million in refinancing to replace a previous loan from Bank of the Ozarks, according to documents filed with the city on Friday.

A representative for Hidrock did not immediately return a call seeking comment.

Hidrock bought this site, as well as two adjacent buildings at 13 East 47th Street and 14 East 48th Street, in 2014 for $47 million. The company initially planned to raze the buildings and develop a condominium tower instead, but Hidrock ended up filing plans for a hotel in June. The plans call for a 116,000-square-foot building with roughly 3,000 square feet of retail space on the ground floor. Handel Architects is the project’s architect of record.

The developer is also building another hotel in Midtown at 60 West 37th Street in partnership with the Buccini/Pollin Group. In September, Hidrock sold the Pavilion Theater in Park Slope for $28 million, abandoning plans to convert the landmark into condos.

Was looking at some permits, and this is: 12 East 48th Street | 366 FT | 31 FLOORS.

Pre-Filed: 06/01/2016
Date Filed: 06/10/2016

13 Building Characteristics

Primary structural system: Masonry Concrete (CIP) Concrete (Precast) Wood
Steel (Structural) Steel (Cold-Formed) Steel (Encased in Concrete)

Structural Occupancy Category: II - OTHER THAN I, III OR IV
Seismic Design Category: CATEGORY B
2014/2008 Code Designations?
Occupancy Classification: R-1 - RESIDENTIAL: HOTELS, DORMITORIES Yes No
Construction Classification: I-B: 2 HOUR PROTECTED - NON-COMBUST Yes No
Multiple Dwelling Classification: HAEB
Building Height (ft.): 366
Building Stories: 31
Dwelling Units: 161

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Viewed from 47th St today


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