NEW YORK | Hard Rock Hotel (159 W 48th St) | 442 FT | 35 FLOORS

Location is a parking garage at 159 West 48th Street.

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That’s funny! That’s across from Rocjkefeller Group’s huge site on 48th!

I’m not expecting anything tall or great. I’m just happy to lose that heinous garage.

What type of building should we be expecting, Robert The Sage? I’d be happy with 700-850 feet here.

I think more like 500 to 600.

If that Balaguer building is the design, it’s okay. At least it’s getting rid of a garage.

I would like more height and a little signage, though!

Interesting, wasn’t aware Barnett had this site. It was the former Sam Ash Music store.

That whole block is virtually empty. Rockefeller owns pretty much the entire south side of the street, and I assume it’s trying to flip the site. Someone bought the buildings just to the west of Gary’s garage, including the corner property on 7th. I assumed that that guy would try to buy Gary’s site, but I guess that the G-Man wanted too much.

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Demo permits were filed on February 10, 2016:

This looks pretty cool!


It is.
Not a bad design, but maybe a few modifications will be made ahead.

fitting it will be In “music row”. This will definitely rejuvenate this ghost town of a block.

Not bad!

This is about what you’d expect for a budget-oriented hotel in Midtown. Not terrible I guess?

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I seriously doubt this will be budget-oriented. Will be a luxury hotel. Not the Mandarin Oriental, of course, but they’ll get $500 a night, no problem.

Some details:

The new hotel will “honor the City’s musical and cultural heritage with live music events and artist-inspired design elements,” according to the announcement. “With Hard Rock International’s standing as curators of the world’s largest and most priceless music memorabilia collection, the hotel’s design will feature museum-like displays adorning the walls. Memorabilia for the hotel will be carefully selected with a focus on contemporary artists who call New York home, as well as iconic musicians and pivotal moments in history that have shaped the city’s undisputed musical legacy.”

Promised features include an “invigorating Rock Spa featuring the revolutionary Rhythm & Motion spa menu offering modernized, music-infused Swedish massage practices and treatments. Guests will also enjoy firsthand music experiences through the signature Sound of Your Stay music amenity program, allowing for Fender guitar and DJ-equipment rental delivered in-room for impromptu jam sessions.”


considering I don’t even see an architect named I am pretty sure this is a placeholder.

I agree, I’m almost positive we will see something different.

I’m not sure… I would guess something in the $200-300 range, I don’t think Hard Rock can charge premiums like that and it is a pretty middle-of-the-road (or lower-end) brand, and with the location…

Hotels in NYC are rarely nice, the new Virgin Hotel coming to NoMAD is an exception to the rule (as well as a few along the BK waterfront).

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not saying it will be amazing, just saying that render is likely a placeholder. I kinda like the purple though, hope they keep that.