What are you most looking forward to in 2019?

Alright, last year we saw a lot of the things on this list accomplished, so I decided to make a brand new thread and start fresh for 2019.

I’ll kick things off and say I’m most looking forward to the topping off of One Vanderbilt, which I think should happen in 2019.


Really looking forward to outer borough stuff.

9 DeKalb will hopefully rise in earnest. 80 Flatbush taking off.

Pretty excited to see LIC continue to boom (Court Sq City View Tower).

Look forward to improvements at JFK and LaGuardia to continue.

In terms of Manhattan, definitely looking forward to the giants topping out of course on 57th and 42nd Street.


I’m hoping we see more supertalls proposed, 2MW and 2WTC getting some action, 270 Park to be unveiled, HY phase 2 to be revealed and of course the topping out of every tower under construction right now


2 World Trade. I’ve got a really good feeling about next year! Or, at least, that’s what I’ve been telling myself every year since below-grade finished in 2013.


2 World Trade is the star on top of the Christmas tree, the long awaited piece to complete everything. It was honestly a big dick move for 21st Century to pull out of the tower THE SAME MONTH it was going to start construction (January 2016). Imaging how far we could’ve been if it restarted then


-Congestion Charge be approved in Albany

-The subway’s Fast Forward Plan be approved with an expanded capital budget to fix the subways

-The rise of 9 Dekalb and 45 Broad out of the ground
-Exploring the entirety of HY in its Spring opening
-Hudson yards Phase II unveiling
-the blue film of Central Park Tower coming off
-LES towers all starting at the same time


Amazon HQ2 master plan
Sunnyside yards decking news
Couple more demos and supertalls annoncements as a result of the midtown east rezoning
Commuting for a full week without any subway break down


I agree with the outer borough projects. I’m particularly interested to see what happens with JC and Newark. Also, the obligatory hope we get a 2WTC anchor but not holding my breath.

While we’re talking about wtc though, the PAC and St. Nicholas’s finally being finished


9 Dekalb Avenue rise into the Brooklyn skyline
One Vanderbilt, CPT and Steinway top out
NYC subway tunnel signal improvements
Increased cleaning and maintenance of subway
Start of Renovation and expansion of JFK airport
2 WTC start of construction
2 MW start of construction
Start of construction to extend 2nd Avenue line to downtown
More proposals to expand the subway system
More proposals for supertalls in the city and outer boroughs (including Jersey City)

More like a wish list.


MSG gets kicked off the island so a new Penn Station can rise.


Looking forward to more local development and having the opportunity to capture it all through my photos. I’m also hoping to plan a trip sometime early next year to see One Vanderbilt myself, it’s definitely my favorite project lately. I’m glad I’m not too far from NYC :nerd_face:

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I wanted to add a few things to my OP:

  1. The opening of the Vessel (or whatever they will call it). I predict this will be a Top-5 NYC tourist thing to do
  2. Top out and full cladding of 130 William, the most interesting cladding project IMO
  3. Full cladding of 25 Park Row

Me too!

I’d like to see IBM move from Armonk to 2 WTC.

I’d also like to see Cravath anchor a new tower on Park.


Sofield’s Second ave. buildings, Pennoyer’s Madison ave. building.


this should be fun to watch rise. NEW YORK | 30-36 East 29th Street | 639 FT | 46 FLOORS

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More of a wish, and I know some of you will find this annoyingly aesthetics-driven but:

Between Billionaires Row, Midtown East, NoMad and Hudson Yards, the new peaks of Midtown that have been rising this cycle are starting to look like supertall bookends around the edges of the mega-hood. I would die to see some supertall proposals for the dead center of Midtown (i.e. the 40s between 5th and 8th Avenues)… to really tie the room together, as they say.


There’s the mysterious KPF Supertall on Sixth to look forward to.

Also, Extell’s Eight Avenue assemblage.

1710 Broadway could still yield a sizeable tower as well


These would be nice. I hope 2019 yields a new wave of super talls.

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Great list! I haven’t been following any of these that closely, since they’ve mostly been pretty quiet, but I guess there are a few projects that fit the bill.

So I guess I’ll revise my “What I’m most looking forward to” to seeing one or all of these rise. Although, in an ideal world, I’d love to see a 1400+ footer in that area.

Welp I guess we can take that Amazon HQ2 off the list LOL

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