MODERATOR REQUESTS (Title change/height/floor/info, etc.)

My mistake, I’m sorry. Should be fixed now. :+1: Thanks for reporting!

No worries; thank you for restoring the thread.

No problem. We need a way to deal with the fact that there are non-West-Side-related posts in that thread, but that’s more complicated to fix.

why is the abc thread locked???

Only 1500 ft?? Or 1800 ft?


pretty clear that it’s because of this exact type of unhelpful comment - you’re spamming, so please stop


but I’m not the only one spamming.

Please go away. Thank you.

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Can’t we just be nice to one another?


I know we don’t actually have moderators, but I may as well ask: is it possible to suspend the ridiculous “no more than three posts in a row by the same user” rule?



I agree with this. This has prevented me from making timely updates for the EWR Airport Renovations thread on multiple occasions because I kept being blocked by this rule and forced to edit my existing, older posts with new information not related to the post. It’s an extremely annoying rule and should honestly be only enabled for new members to prevent spam.


Also agree! I’m constantly posting updates from Philly and always run into that message. Perhaps, the system is probably set up like that so there isn’t an overload?

Sadly, mods don’t have a way to change this. Maybe try emailing Nikolai Fedak?


Thanks for raising this!

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Guys, if Nikolai doesn’t fix it, feel free to message me directly anytime you run into the 3 post thing. I’ll post a comment and then delete it after you post yours, as a workaround.


Its a system related feature of discord. Yeah an admin/site owner would have the ability to change/alter/request such a change.


There I can send a message to the Discord, but only after my vacation.

Is there a rule against linking to a site called “J*rsey Digs”?

There’s no rule against it, or the various other real estate PR newswire sites (RE-NJ, NJBiz, ROI-NJ, etc). But a lot of them post essentially the same information, sometimes a couple weeks apart, and we don’t want to be posting all of them in a thread when they’re nearly identical.

Please post links only when they add some new information to the thread, or if you want to add your own twist to what’s being presented. No point posting posts that are composed entirely of a link that repeats information from 2 weeks earlier, with no commentary or pointing out what’s new.

Reminder to everyone that on this board, new posts bump old threads, and when threads are constantly being bumped without new info (or with excessive off-topic posts), it makes the board less useful. Thanks!


It can be posted. Yeah its a credible source. Actually its a very good source for Jersey info.

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At least for Jersey City stuff, you have to be careful with them. For the recent groundbreaking at 2966 Kennedy Blvd, they posted some renderings of an older version of the building. Other times, they have posted that buildings were approved by the Historic Preservation Commission and other boards, when they weren’t. Again maybe they’re better for Newark stuff and other parts of NJ.

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