Adding Meters to skyscraper tags

Hello Everyone!
I have been working on my map and in order for it to be accessible to the biggest amount of people I take the feet measurements I find on Yimby and convert them into metres. I want the biggest amount of people to be able to understand my map.
This got me thinking, couldn’t we do the same with the tags on Yimby itself?
I understand there are a few cons to this. Most notably the amount of work but also the fact it would make the tags a bit crowded, but I also think this could help bring the forum to the next level.
It would help the forum to truly go global and make it easy to read for everyone around the world.
It would make Yimby the GLOBAL leader in NYC development
I would be glad to change as most tags as I can but I would need help with it. I can’t do this alone as I already put quite a bit of time into my map. Who would be down to help?
What are your thoughts on this?
Let’s discuss and make a decision!
Cheers to YIMBY!

For a map sure. IDK about the NY related tags in terms of threads. I like what Iamstig does with the UK threads. I think ft/meters makes sense for uk projects, but for American projects, not a fan of also labeling meters like we see in SSC. To many inconsistencies relating to the sources as well. For international projects, they always use meters, but U.S. based, the sources and permits use feet.