Suggestion To Spread Knowledge and Documentation

Hey guys, I have an idea and I’m hoping everyone will agree with me!

My suggestion is that on each topic for a particular building, we have a link at the top to the Wikipedia Article for that building. We could also have an additional column on the main forum page titled “Wikipedia Article” with the link to that particular building’s page. I think this would benefit us in a few ways:

  1. Since we are usually up to date on the latest developments, we would be able to keep the Wikipedia Pages for these buildings up to date. I find that they are often lagging behind in news.
  2. While many people find skyscrapers interesting, most of them do not frequent forums like ours to follow their construction. They will probably, however, end up reading an article on Wikipedia if a particular building were to catch their attention since it’s usually the first thing that Google turns up. This would ensure that we, as ‘experts’ on these buildings, are keeping casual readers as informed as possible.
  3. The better everything is documented on Wikipedia, the more impressive NYC will come off to people who have never visited, are curious about the city with the tallest buildings, or are just skimming through.

And of course we can add links for all buildings too, not just buildings in NYC. Lastly, if a Wikipedia Page doesn’t exist yet for a building, we can create it and add in the link. Please let me know what you guys feel about this, but I think this would help make YIMBY Forums the de facto place for everything NYC and beyond!

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Come on, someone has to understand where I’m coming from?!

Thats a lot of effort (wiki pages). The idea that anybody could edit it could decrease the accuracy.

Nearly every building over 500 feet already has a page on Wikipedia. It wouldn’t be us creating them all, nearly maintaining them. I’m sure someone on here already has done some work on the pages. I think the accuracy would remain pretty high, when it comes to not overly technical topics, Wikipedia is quite reliable.

Hunser does a nice german section on wiki for NYC. Yeah I mean there will always be those that edit it. I wonder if wiki has a list of who edited what on a page?

You can view who edited each page. If they do it under their account it will list the username, otherwise just their IP address.

Revision History for CPT:

I’m wondering, would it be okay for me to make a thread about Manchester’s projects and proposals?
It’s pretty much Britain’s second city and its starting to get quite impressive and I’d love to share it all with you guys

Sorry, been busy. Of course, I’d say post anything!

@Vortex11 We fully support the idea of updating or creating Wikipedia entries based on YIMBY news stories! Please be sure to hyperlink to the active canonical domain for the news site at

And yes @lamtheSTIG , we also encourage adding threads on YIMBY Forums for cities that we currently do not cover.