Chicago YIMBY Photog / Writer Wanted

Hi all!

I think it is time to launch Chicago YIMBY and I was hoping for referrals to eager skyscraper enthusiasts who love taking photos and writing about buildings + permits!

If you know anyone feel free to message me or write in to :slight_smile:



I may be able to get a lead. He’s from SSP, a Chicago native, and is like the Tectonic of Chicago.

I’ll see if I can get his attention.


Woot woot! Thank you Chris! :slight_smile:


Yimby is expanding!!!


I got two members that sent you emails. Both from Chicago.

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Just a side note, but was thinking maybe down the line , YIMBY expands to cover South Florida.

The market down there is massive.

Plus ground breakings for structures down there include models, champagne, and nice cars.


Agreed :slight_smile:

Do we have anyone that might work for Miami?

There’s a photographer by the name of “Phillip Pessar” on flickr that comes to mind.

“Goldendusk Photography” would be my thinking, although he also has his own blog as well. He posts on SSP for the Miami projects and most of SoFlo.

Could cost a little $ to get him though, goldendusk. Royalty wise for the pics. is a site similar to YIMBY, and their employees have been furloughed since March, as the publication has been shut down since the start of the pandemic

Could poach an employee or two


Yeah I was thinking them too. I 2nd mtoltheys idea. Very sound idea. :beers:

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Do we know any good Miami / FL candidates? I think it will be Miami centric but would be great to get posters who could contribute photos / news for Tampa, Orlando, and JAX too.

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Hey All,

Looking for someone to help out again here for Chicago! One post per day, very straightforward.

Emails to or replies here both work, and thank you! :slight_smile: