MODERATOR REQUESTS (Title change/height/floor/info, etc.)

This threads purpose is for members and users alike to post requests.

Such things include:

1) Title Changes

A) New Info?
B) New Height/Floor data?
C) New Address
D) Corrections to existing threads.

2) Move to construction/proposal/complete.

So when the status of a project changes from proposed to u/c or finishes or data like height/floors change and so on, put in a request here and either I or one of the other mods like Vena or the admin YIMBY and so on will change it.

We want to keep things precise at the drop of a dime as we are the BBC of developments. Unlike other sites, we believe in correct data!

It should be pinned globally.

How to Request?

1) State the thread link, with the project name, and what the height and floor or address or construction/proposal/complete status/data should be. If the data in the thread warrants it, it will be changed.

  • Chris E.

I’ll give this a try. Ok, here it goes…

This is a request to change to:

NEW YORK | 200 East 59th St | 490 FT | 35 FLOORS [] U/C



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Voila! Just did it! thanks for noticing this can’t believe we hadn’t noticed it yet hahah.


Done :slight_smile:

And yeah the format the VG did is right way to do it.

And yeah may the towers rise! I like seeing proposals being moved to construction, because it feeds our crack… ummm, cough cough, building addiction that is. :wink:

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Greetings Mr. Moderator

This is a request to change the height to 983’ or (1,000’ ? It’s your call) for property address below:

Thank you.


Made it 1000+ because it will be a little over when we consider the parapet. :wink:


281 Fifth Ave should be under construction.


Moved it. :slight_smile:


Could the title please be amended to 108M / 354FT and 37 floors following on from a recent height increase?

Thanks :slight_smile:

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Done :slight_smile:

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44-26 Purves St needs to change from proposed to under construction.

NEW YORK | 221 West 29th St | FT | 21 FLOORS is now under construction.

NEW YORK | 301 Freedom Pl (Collegiate School) | 143 FT | 10 FLOORS is now under construction.

All three moved. :wink:

NEW YORK | 24-12 42nd Rd | 84 FT | 8 FLOORS is now under construction

The following should also be recategorized as ‘under construction’

NEW YORK | 501 Voorhies Ave | 333 FT | 30 FLOORS - also rename to 1501 Voorhies Avenue
NEW YORK | Greenpoint Landing | (10 Towers) | 30-40 FLOORS
NEW YORK | 33 Eagle St (Greenpoint Landing) | 70 FT | 7 FLOORS

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All done Waymond, thanks for noticing!

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Also now under construction:

NEW YORK | 25-19 43rd Ave | 99 FT | 9 FLOORS