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Construction Update: 111 West 57th Street


Yesterday’s excavation progress at 111 West 57th Street, photo by Andrew McKeon

Excavation is finally beginning at 111 West 57th Street, where on-site machinery had previously been sitting idle. Digging is already making quick progress, and a comparison of yesterday’s construction shot with a photo from one week earlier reveals that earth underneath the site is slowly shrinking away. JDS and Property Markets Group are the developers, and SHoP is the architect.

Fresh progress at The Steinway Tower means that work has now begun at all major ‘supertall’ sites on 57th Street. Excavation is further along on western rivals at 217 West 57th Street and 220 Central Park South, but the smaller scope of initial work at 111 West 57th Street — given the project’s confines — could mean that all three developments begin rising out of the ground simultaneously, either late this year or in early 2015.

111 West 57th Street, image via SHoP

New signage is also up at the site, indicating that construction is expected to be complete by June of 2017. 111 West 57th Street will eventually stand nearly 1,400 feet to its pinnacle, and contain approximately 80 residences.


The Steinway is probably the one I’m looking forward to the most next to 2 WTC and Tower Verre. SHoP has done an amazing job with this one.

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NYC Luxury-Condo Buyers Await New Towers as Sales Slow

By Oshrat Carmiel Sep 24, 2014 10:02 AM ET

“People are taking a bit longer to to pull the trigger,” Teplitzky said. “Whoever is buying 15, 20, 30 million-dollar apartments, they want to make sure they’re buying the best of the best.”

Other condo projects in the Midtown area include JDS Development Group and Property Markets Group’s planned 1,400-foot tower at 111 W. 57th St., half a block from One57, where sales of the 60 units will start in the second quarter of next year; and Zeckendorf’s 520 Park Ave., with sales beginning in early 2015.

New York needs to have more real estate conventions. One approach to getting sales for developments is to show them off to the masses. Miami recently did this. Big convention which drew 5000 visitors and all of the new developments where shown. Helped generate millions in sales.

APPROVED 01/06/2015


Building Height (ft.): Existing: 150
Proposed: 1397

Building Stories: Existing: 15
Proposed: 80

Dwelling Units: Existing: 0
Proposed: 55


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Approved: SHoP’s 1,397-Foot 111 West 57th Street


111 West 57th Street, image via SHoP

It’s official: 111 West 57th Street is finally ready to rise, with the tower’s new building applications approved by the Department of Buildings yesterday. JDS Development and Property Markets Group are behind the 1,397-foot tall tower, which will stand the same height as 432 Park Avenue when complete.

Designed by SHoP, the building will have approximately 55 residences, and prices are apparently set to average $6,000 per square foot. It will only have 80 floors, and the uppermost portion of the structure will be uninhabited. Ornament has been lacking atop the new Midtown supertalls, and 111 West 57th’s plumage offers a pleasant callback to the height race of the late 1920s, when buildings competed for the highest and most elaborate crown.

111 West 57th Street will differ from these though, and unlike all of the other supertalls under construction at the moment, it will actually integrate the historic Steinway Hall into its base.

111 West 57th Street, Steinway at left – Image from SHoP

Earlier this week, Crain’s reported that the building is close to finalizing a half-billion dollar construction loan. Excavation has been underway for several months as well, though the construction process will be difficult due to the site’s extremely tight confines adjacent to the old Steinway.

111 West 57th Street excavation progress as of late December, image by ILNY

Signage gives a tentative completion date of 2017, and given the latest signals at the DOB and in terms of financing, that target could very well be reached — also resulting in delivery prior to its larger counterpart to the west, at 217 West 57th Street.

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Last couple of floors are mechanical. Diagrams indicate a 1421 foot height, and 92 or 95 floors if you count the mechanical. Depending on the option, its either 1421 or 1412.5 feet.


Replaced the first rendering (1st post) with a newer, high quality one. Rendering is by Shop Architects. You can see the fine details with the higher resolution.


NYC to Build the Hemisphere’s Next Tallest Residential Tower

Already widely dubbed the “world’s skinniest skyscraper,” the supertall tower that NYC’s hotshot firm SHoP Architects has planned for 111 West 57th Street now appears poised to snag another title: the tallest residential building in the Western Hemisphere. According to Curbed NY, new project documents show that the building will reach 1,421 feet, a sizable leap from the previously listed 1,397 feet and 24 feet over current titleholder 432 Park Avenue, just a stone’s throw away.

The building, which apparently will only have 45 apartments (with each one taking up the entire floor), got the final go-ahead from the city this week. Crain’s also reports that the developers are in “the final stages of securing a $500 million construction loan.”

In the meantime, the competition is fierce in this soon-to-be megatower-filled neighborhood. Just down the block from SHoP’s skyscraper, an upcoming cantilevered building named the Nordstrom Tower is angling for 1,479 feet, or 1,775 feet including the spire. It’ll all depend on who gets up there first.


New Look: 111 West 57th Street Gets Nighttime Renderings

By Nikolai Fedak on February 26, 2015

111 West 57th Street viewed from Central Park, image by SHoP

At a recent talk for the Southern California Institute for Architecture entitled “Never, Ever, Don’t,” SHoP principal Gregg Pasquarelli discussed several of the firm’s upcoming projects, including 111 West 57th Street. JDS Development and Property Markets Group are behind the 1,420-foot tall tower, which will become New York City’s second-tallest residential building, after 217 West 57th Street.

The building recently received a slight bump to its planned height, meaning it will surpass the 1,397-foot tall 432 Park Avenue, even though the top few hundred feet of 111 West 57th Street will be solely ornamental. Describing the top, Pasquarelli stated the uppermost “200 feet of the building itself is just spire — it’s just a glass and bronze sculpture. After you get the tuned mass-damper, it literally is just a piece of art.”

While the building’s proportions will be record-setting or nearly so, at a jaw-dropping height:width ratio of 23:1, its nighttime appearance had remained under wraps until now. Down in Chelsea, the crown atop JDS and PMG’s Walker Tower (at 212 West 18th Street) offers one of the most attractive nighttime displays on the neighborhood skyline, and certainly one of the most prominent. It appears that 111 West 57th Street will borrow from the same playbook to light up the 57th Street corridor.

111 West 57th Street at night, image by SHoP

Regarding the lighting scheme, Pasquarelli stated “we’re working with L’Observatoire doing the lighting in the terra cotta itself,” and that at night, lights will be “hitting the terra cotta as it moves up the building.”

In terms of form, function, and facade, Pasquarelli said “[we] also wanted the facade to connect to the performance; it became this idea of super thick terra cotta and bronze on the side, and super open glass on the north and south.” SHoP’s plan calls for twists in the terra cotta “so that off each setback as the sun comes from the south and hits the building, you get this moire pattern of light and shadow. And the building goes up to where it’s about 14 feet wide, at the top.”

The project will have between 55 and 60 total condominiums, and completion is currently expected in 2017.


This is going to be amazing. Debris is being cleared out of the 58th Street side of the Steinway Building now, too.

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Increased inventory for these types of properties should result in better deals for the international clientele purchasing these, unless of course there is an unspoken contest about paying the higher price per square foot.

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More progress. Small North building has been demolished leaving only West building (the one to the left with lights and white brick on the top) left before foundation work can fully start.

You beat me to my own post desertpunk :slight_smile:

More construction updates coming. You can check them all here: [URL=“NyConstructionPhoto’s albums | Flickr”][/URL]



This may possibly be more exciting than 53W53 or Nordstrom – it’s simply set to be superlatively dazzling in multitude.


Recent Permit:

Building Height (ft.): Existing:
Proposed: 1424
Building Stories: Existing: 16
Proposed: 82
Dwelling Units: Existing:
Proposed: 60


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