NEW YORK | Various News About Our City and Q&A

I figured it would be cool to have a thread dedicated to economic/cultural/development news about the city we all love.

Broadway is getting another theater! The Hudson Theatre looks beautiful to me already from the photos on Wiki. I wonder what else they will be doing to spruce it up. I imagine a lot of interior work.

Broadway will soon have a new place to play — its 41st theater.

The Ambassador Theatre Group said Wednesday it will reopen and operate Broadway’s Hudson Theatre, slated to happen by the 2016-2017 Broadway season. It comes as producers enjoy record profits and grumble about a lack of Broadway stages.


The new NBA Store, opening on Monday, December 21, is on the corner of 45th and 5th, in the heart of Manhattan. With an entrance featuring 32-foot LED structure resembling a basketball net that can be seen from 6th Ave, the front of the store is hard to miss.

I am a basketball fan, and I love signs/billboards/etc.

Has anyone seen this new 32-foot LED structure?

Couple of notes:

NYC’s unemployment rate is below the national average.

The surplus this fiscal year will be larger than even De Blasio anticipated.

This is the Age of Ramses, lads!

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I’m a big stats guy, so I wonder what the population will be January 1st or essentially for the end of 2015? I know the estimates put it at 8.49 million for 2014, in April, but I have a feeling its a lot higher. Has to be. I know the 2010 census was a joke in terms of stating 8.1 million. Severally undercutting Queens and Brooklyn.

I think its 8.60 million.

Although I always wonder if the population is close to 9 million because of the illegal population.

Very cool article in The Post.

I simply am in love with those buildings on East 62nd Street. Looks similar to something you’d find in Belgravia.

If only I had $120 million . . .

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I need to make some sort of system where I can make 400,000 or more a year. Not enough for that of course, but maybe a nice unit in tower verre.

Thinking about buying cars way below the market value, lets say 6000-7000k below, and selling it for what its currently worth. Even with a profit of 3000 per car, its good residual income. :smile:

Can’t get rich working for the man. In America, ya have to do it by yourself.

Outside of the 1 in 1 million “jobs” like rock star and professional athlete, there are ways to make 400K (finance, c-suite in a business, small business owner, partner at a law firm, some types of doctors, some type of dentists, etc.)

It just takes a while to get one of those positions, and it’s obviously very competitive.

Even then, at 400K, assuming it’s not capital gains, and living in NYC, you’re going to be left with 200K after taxes.

It would take about 15-20 years after you reach one of those positions to save up for a place in Tower Verre, from my perspective.

The great thing about Verre is its greatness is visible to all- even those not wealthy enough to live there.

New York City’s income and property-tax revenue has been so strong that Mayor Bill de Blasio can expect a surplus of $963 million in the fiscal year ending June 30, seven times more than he anticipated in drafting the 2016 budget, the Independent Budget Office said.

The Age of Ramses!

This might actually end the current condo boom, idk…

GE chose Boston over NYC for its new HQs.

World’s turmoil will only continue to rise in the future, while NYC will remain as THE premier city and safe haven not only for investors… Location, location, location.

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Some 2016 CTBUH lists. Remember to zoom/click on pic.


buildings_2016-02-12-00-44-58_Page_1 by Christopher Estevez, on Flickr

buildings_2016-02-12-00-44-58_Page_2 by Christopher Estevez, on Flickr


buildings_2016-02-12-00-40-33_Page_1 by Christopher Estevez, on Flickr

buildings_2016-02-12-00-40-33_Page_2 by Christopher Estevez, on Flickr

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Current list from CTBUH. Just cropped it out. Notice the U.S. in second. Can’t wait to eclipse the UAE in 300m.

I hope the U.S. down the line becomes more like China urban wise. I think once we give up the F250’s and crappy commie like, barracks looking homes in boring, stale suburbs, we might have a chance. I hope to see many New York like cities spring up from our current stock. A lot can happen in 20 years if we have the willpower and desire to dream big again.


Truly exciting stuff!! I imagine that as computer technology continues to improve, the costs of new material research will continue to drop. In turn, simulations will become cheaper and bringing new technologies to market will become cheaper still. Ultimately, this will result in the cost of building taller to become more and more economical.

In short, the more powerful our computers get, the taller our skyscrapers will grow!

Just some charts concerning the population for 2015.

I have a feeling Queens is going to eclipse Brooklyn in time due. Its cheaper as a whole, and a good chunk of where the affordable housing will go.


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Might be better to have it playing in the background like radio as its an hour and twenty.

Essentially talks about the future of the city and some things that might change or might be expected. Some of the challenges, ect…

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just listened to that whole thing.

I think they had the wrong focus on green energy. They thought of it as a requirement, however when you are talking 30 years out the same resources will be in higher demand. The focus should be on making the green energy have more cost value than guzzlers.

I liked their points on better access and throughput for airports. I flew through JFK and found it pretty tedious to get to midtown while on a 14 hour layover. Build an major APOD in the north, connect it with the 2 ave sub system with a high speed rail. Make LaGuardia regional focused (as it is), New APOD north domestic (ie flights from Chicago, LA etc) and make JFK/Newark a mix with one being focused on INT over the other. Look at Incheon INT Airport in Korea. It is an hour+ drive from downtown Seoul, but with high speed links its not a big deal.

Otherwise I felt they rambled.

Thanks for sharing!

For those who like charts and info on permits and how many units in each borough, the type, projections, and so on, this is a great read.

Reading Material found here:

time to start the DOOOOM train.

I don’t think this will affect stuff that already has financing and is underway, I think it will cause a pause in 2020 or so for a few years as the market sees how NYC absorbs the current boom.