Bob's New York development Map

Hey everyone!

As discussed in previous threads we realized that something missing in this forum was a map feature. So I decided to work a little and create my own. It is far from complete and only has about 100 projects on it for now but I will continue to add more and more projects regularly. I just thought I would share it with you guys so you can get an idea of what the finished project will be.

A quick walkthrough of the map features.When you click on the link you will be taken to mymaps by google and the map will be on the right with a bar on the left. On it there are 2 main categories:
Under construction
These 2 categories are based on Yimby, and in each there are 4 subcategories of different heights. I decided to go with feet to separate them due to the fact that this is the US which uses an imperial system. The four categories also each have a colour attributed to them.
1000 feet+ is red
750-999 feet is yellow
500-749 feet is blue
under 500 feet is green
If the project is still not UC the colour is faded.
When you click on the category you wish, all the projects of that height will appear on the map and you can click on individual projects to see more details on the project including: height in feet and meters and floors. I will work on providing more info such as renders and links to the appropriate Yimby Forum as well in the details.
When you click on the category you will also have the list of projects on your left appear. They are organized height wise with the tallest at the top of the list and the smallest at the bottom.
You can have different categories open at the same time if you wish, this allows you to see where each part of New York’s development is situated.
Finally, in the proposed category there is the visions/nothing concrete grey category. These are projects where no details have been provided yet for height or floors. Once a building gets any info on any of the two I will move it to the appropriate category.
Tell me what you think and if you ever see something wrong with it be sure to comment on this thread or send me a message and I will change it immediately.
Thanks guys!

Here is the link:


oh ya this is money. Obviously it needs to be fully filled out, but great start.

I don’t know if this is possible, but having a link in the info section for each development to the yimby forum thread would be a nice touch. If that were to happen you would be able to seamlessly explore development in NYC on the map check on updates in threads, if something has not been updated in a while (in the thread) do some google research to find out what is up with the project.

if this all comes together it could be the “killer app” for Yimby. Would easily make it the best place to follow NYC dev (already is, but could pull people in).

I pinned this. I think this is fantastic work. A great resource for cataloging all of the projects.

For other users, click the pin and make sure the needle icon faces down. It will always then remain at the top.

Thanks for the feedback! as mentioned before I can put the Yimby links in the descriptions. Would you want me to first work on that or would you prefer I keep adding stuff and then add the links?

Doesn’t matter with me. Up to you essentially. Whatever you feel is the right course of action and is the easier track. :wink:

What I will do is advertise this on ssp as I think its a good resource/project.

Ok! I will work on linking everything. Like that it is officialy YIMBY centric see what I mean? haha. I will also add pictures of renders when available to each building info page

Just finished linking all under construction projects to the forum. As a bonus I added renders for each project, cheers!

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Cheers and thank you, robertitoam! ^^

I am going back to the mainland in June. Tossing around a plan to make it to NYC. I wont have much time, but thinking about driving in and getting in the evening, spending 1 full day exploring, spend night in hotel again, fly out next day, then wife drive to meet her family (she is staying mainland a little longer to see her side of family).

This is on topic because this map will be VERY useful!

Also, needs some help with the logistics of it all. Should I drive all the way into manhattan and stay at a hotel there (and if I do what is a good recommendation, really only requirement is some places to eat around it and somewhat near a subway station) or should I get a hotel out of town (or in Jersey) in basically commute in for the day.

I plan on taking my wife to MOMA, she wants to see central park too both of which work well for me being able to check out construction. I want to see the Hudson Yards and WTC. She will probably want to go to times square. I think doing top of the rock and and 1 WTC observation decks would do it.

Does all of this sound feasible?

There’s a bunch of budget Hotels to look into. I don’t know their rates. They are basically around the neighborhood of the Port Authority at 42nd St.

Also,Take her to the Highline which she’ll appreciate and at the same time you get to witness all the chaos @ the Hudson Yards.

everybody happy! :smiley:

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This is fantastic! Bookmarked it in my browser.

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good call. Lets good see the construction at huds---- I mean lets go check out the highline!

do most have parking at the hotel?

also I don’t know what is considered “budget” in NYC, but I think around 150 a night would be fine for just 2 nights.

I’d recommend this hotel on Church Street. You’ll like it. Plus it puts you close to Fulton Station, and your near a lot of cool neighboorhoods and shopping.

thanks for the tip, I have stayed at the millennium Hilton in Seoul quite a few times, might even have a enough points to stay for free.

Hey tokila! If you want you could look into a holiday rental. I have done this various times already on my trips to the city. You can get cheap rates on websites like housetrip or homeaway. These are practical as you basically have a flat all for yourself and you can get the real nyc feel. Another recommendation would be the New Yorker hotel. It has just been refurbished and I stayed there last february. It is a classic new york hotel and our room only cost us 160 a night. A real bargain for the location and quality of the hotel (plus, my room had a view on the yards) . Also the new yorker has a great diner in the lobby, lots of nearby shops and restaurants, is right next to the penn station subway stop and is 15 minutes from times square walking. In any case I really do recommend grabbing a hotel in Manhattan it is worth the money to not commute and to be in the heart of it all, you will make the most of your stay. Regarding visits just so I have it clear you will have one evening and one full day in NY? If this is the case I think it is largely feasible. The first evening if you arrive around 7-8 pm you can go to times square and then walk to the rockefeller center and go up the observatory later at night (last elevator at 11pm). I really do think it is worth to see the city like that at night. It is probably even more stunning than at day. The next day in the morning you can easily take the subway up to central park, walk around (take a few pics of 220 central park south :wink: ) and then take the subway or an uber/taxi to the Moma. Get there around opening (10h30 am) there shouldn’t be as much of a crowd. Once you’ve finished with the moma walk around the area (take a few pics of local projects :wink: ) take the subway probs till fulton street, it’s the main hub and it is real close to the WTC. Find lunch around the area, I can recommend cheap eats if you wish, then walk to the wtc (more pics of projects :stuck_out_tongue: ) And go up around 3pm -4pm latest.You can stay up there for like an hour and then take the subway to get to 14th street and from there you can walk along the high line. The high line lasts about an hour so if we consider that you get to the end of it by around 7pm latest. Then, you still have time to spend a whole evening in the city. Hahah sorry, got a bit carried away there. It’s just that I love planning trips. I’ve already done that for work, planning trips for individuals and large groups, actually and I have a bunch of cheap eats, tips etc etc about new york, and a bunch of handy resources if you want. Just shoot me a message. In any case, as you can see it is largely feasible to do all you have planned, but only if you time yourself and make the effort to wake up early and plan it in advance.
In any case here is the link to the new yorker hotel:|12542&adpos=1t1&creative=88972492222&device=c&matchtype=b&network=g&gclid=CjwKEAjwsMu5BRD7t57R1P2HwBgSJABrtj-RlETOi63m2JGGJdEoQ3BJ66PQKARydRfGXYyiTI81dxoCXZbw_wcB

In any case really have no hesitation to send me a message, as you can see I am more than glad to help. Cheers!

that seems like a good plan.

I am willing to bet she will want to see a Broadway show. So that could be one of the evenings. I am thinking we would arrive at the hotel around 5 or 6. I definitely would have liked to catch a Yankee game but they are out of town that weekend.

I think I will wait on doing the whole ferry thing (I did that in HS). We will probably visit again in a few years and the ferris wheel will be up… lol.

I have a cousin who lives in the financial district… might hit him up to see if he has an extra room (highly doubt it, but worth a try, he is single, I assume he has a studio or something). He works in ESB and when I was there last fall for a few hours took me up to his office… not as high as the observation deck, but free(and got free lunch off his company).