The New York Metropolitan Skyline Photo Collection

During my lunch trip to Hoboken today, I couldn’t help to notice just how grand the entirety of the New York Metropolitan Skyline has become. I’m not just talking about Manhattan, but also New Jersey from Jersey City up to Fort Lee and the outer boroughs! As we all know, there is simply an insane amount of construction going on across the region. Yet, something about my ride through today really hit home. Coming onto 495 from route 3, you can see 432 Park Avenue and 10 Hudson Yards looming over the hills. Looking South, you can see all the new towers in Jersey City. Looking North, the boom in Fort Lee. Driving south through Hoboken, Jersey City to the looks denser and more impressive than ever. Peering across the Hudson, Manhattan seems more majestic than ever. There is so much going on it’s impossible to take it all in. I can’t even imagine how imposing 30 Hudson Yards and Nordstrom Tower will be from the Jersey side. While I didn’t get to snap any pictures, I made this post with the goal of it being a place to share pictures and videos of not just one building or development, but the entirety of the region in all its grandeur.

Try to post photos and videos that include as much of the New York Metropolitan Skyline as possible in a single frame including:

  1. Manhattan
  2. Queens
  3. Brooklyn
  4. The Bronx
  5. The Gold Coast from Fort Lee south to Jersey City

Feel free to comment as well as to what the particular photo is encompassing. This is a great way to introduce new members to all of the developments at the macro-level!


no pics?

I took this yesterday


That is fantastik! Cheers.

O nice. Hoboken I presume or the border of it. A friend of mine has an apartment on 3rd street. Kinda close to those brown housing projects on the right. (its a nice place though).

Are you from Hoboken?

I wasn’t able to, although I really should have. Sorry! I will next time! :slight_smile:

Awesome Picture, JC! This is exactly what I’m talking about!! :smiley:

Your photo has the perfect angle and is way better than the one on English Wikipedia if you go to “List of tallest buildings in New York City”!!

Not to mention that yours is much updated too!
Keep posting your great photos for us all, JC_Heights! :smiley:


Good point about it being better than the Wikipedia picture. Can we replace it with the picture JC took? It is certainly far more accurate. :+1:

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Just found this YouTube video and I think it fits the theme of this thread nicely. Enjoy!



This is a beautiful shot IMO. Elegant, sophisticated, and motivational. The place where you can have 2 cents to your name, and if you work hard, can make it to the top of the world. La Creme de la Creme.

Credit: Julia Anna Gospodarou - Manhattan Blues - New York City


I totally agree!
This is one beautiful shot of Manhattan!

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This is the drawing I made in 2005 of the future New York City as I imagined. ^^

And this one I made in December 13-14, 2008.
The future skyline of Manhattan’s Financial District, or so I thought. :slight_smile:

There are mistakes or innacuracies, but I still love this drawing.


Nice work, Dragon!
Chris, that’s an insanely beautiful photo. What a great find!


Thank you, Vortex11. ^^

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that is so beautiful I can’t actually believe its real. Is it real? hahaha doubt that no photoshop was involved.


Yeah photoshop had to be used. If you zoom in, the clouds look kinda different and theres an aura surrounding the Island. A faint glow of light. Almost resembling something radiating. But photoshop or not, you gotta do what it takes to make a great shot. :slight_smile:

The sketch by Dragonlearner, showing the Libeskind design for 1 WTC. Glad that one didn’t go through. I think we got a good deal. Even if the spire was botched.


Thank you, robertitoam.
And yes, my drawings are real. Really real. ^^

The only thing I did to these photos is adjusting their brightness from my original ones. That’s the truth. :wink:

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O no he was referring to the pic at night lol.

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Yeah, you’re right, Chris. Even though at that time I really liked that tower, I agreed later on that that tower is too vulnerable and absolute “not the right design” for the WTC site. The One WTC already built is truly better and beautiful.

And you are right again about the photoshop, Chris. But I didn’t actually used it. I used Instagram to write you guys the truth. :slight_smile:

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