JERSEY CITY | Development Summary 2022

(thread is a work in progress)

This has been a banner year for construction in Jersey City. As of yesterday, 4,512 apartments of new construction have been issued building permits and started construction. That’s more than Manhattan and neck-and-neck with Brooklyn. For the first time probably since the 1920’s and 30’s, much of the new construction is in mid-rise 4-6 story buildings scattered throughout the city. But some mammoth high-rises have broken ground this year, too.

The 10 largest buildings to start so far this year (will add links eventually):

  • 25 Columbus Drive | 57 FLOORS | 750 Units
  • 331 Marin Blvd (184 Morgan) | 41 FLOORS | 482 Units
  • 1 Park View Avenue | 40 FLOORS | 452 Units
  • 700 Washington Blvd | 40 FLOORS | 336 Units
  • 331 Marin Blvd | 38 FLOORS | 507 Units
  • 88 Regent St | 32 FLOORS | 392 Units
  • 259 Coles St | 26 FLOORS x 2 | 350 Units
  • 55 Jordan Ave | 16 FLOORS | 267 Units
  • 175 Second St | 14 FLOORS | 159 Units

When is JC going to surpass Newark in population?

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I’d put good money on JC already being bigger than Newark, and I think we’ll see it reflected in the 2020 Census.

One of the input factors to the Census Bureau’s Population Estimates Program is construction permits data from the Census Building Permits Survey. They use this to estimate population growth. But I’ve spoken to people at the Census offices and at the NJ State Department of Community Affairs who tell me that the Census’s BPS data is not reliable for NJ because of reporting quirks. People at NJ DCA told me that 25 Columbus Drive’s 750 units won’t be reflected in the Census’s permits data, for instance.

My own analysis of building permits in Jersey City shows that the Building Permits Survey data has missed over 6,000 apartments constructed in Jersey City since 2010. That’s easily 8,000 to 12,000 residents not reflected in the Census estimates, enough to put JC over Newark.


Is there any big residential plans for Newark in the pipeline?

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A lot of plans and ideas, not much in the way of real shovels in the ground other than a couple of midrises a year. Construction is expensive and the demand isn’t really there to recoup the costs, as far as i can tell.

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The West Side and Journal Square areas are the next big centers of development this coming decade. Let’s hope they also improve public transit to keep up with the rise of people moving in.


I don’t understand how they can call it a “study” when it’s just a bunch of subjective impressions and hype from a real estate agent and his son. No data at all. Plus a couple of gradients they made on a map in photoshop. :man_shrugging:

Also this map came out in 2019 and Jersey Digs is “reporting” on it in November. Jersey Digs is just so basic :roll_eyes:

Sorry, not digging on you, the726, I just have this reaction too often when I see a JerseyDigs link.

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No, you’re absolutely right. I didn’t fully read into that when I saw the article. Yes, lately JD has been late on certain news about the city too, or inaccurate or sensational pieces meant to just be clickbait. It’s not much of a study as it is just a map from realtors. But I do think they’re right about some of the areas on it. I unlinked the article and the report. I was planning on making some graphics on the west side developments and the journal square ones. I’ll share it here.


Would love to see it. Really appreciate your posts here!

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Renamed title to 2022. Resurrecting the thread.

A ton going on in Jersey City. Pound for pound, it punches way above its weight.


55 Hudson still in proposal hell all these years later

I believe it was supposed to be a super tall office tower.

Given the current market building new office towers would be a great way to lose a few hundred million dollars.

Goldman Sachs owns the lot and they are probably so wealthy they forget to do anything with it. Ideally and most likely a residential tower will be built there.

Also the Evertrust II lot, one of the biggest unused parking lots in downtown (between Steuben and Pearl off Greene St) is probably one of the most woefully underdeveloped parts of the city. Also has plans for an office tower that would be silly to build. That area needs another residential complex because another office tower would make the Harborside area even more dead than it already is.

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Hasn’t really been any new tower construction downtown since 2020

Is 180 Baldwin actually under construction?

Since 2020, 351 Marin, The Beach, Haus25, Vantage 2, 88 Regent, Hudson House have been finished and 331 Marin is just about to be.

Provost Square Phase 3 and 30 Park Lane North are currently under construction. Those are just the larger ones. There are a bunch between 6-15 floors that are either complete or under construction.


No, I didn’t see any activity there when I last passed it about a week ago. The development maps seem to be a bit optimistic about what’s under construction, while still somehow missing some that are…

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I know but im talking towers, 40+ floors. Even then of those you listed, 351 Marin, The Beach, Haus25, Vantage 2, 88 Regent, Hudson House, and 331 Marin broke ground in 2020 or earlier. In 2021 there was almost no new projects started since im not even sure provost square or 30 park lane broke ground yet. Hoping to see more big towers break ground this year.

Yes, the Covid years were quiet for downtown, but I’d expect a few of the other waterfront towers to start soon (Harborside Plaza or maybe one of the Urbys).

30 Park Lane was piling last time I really checked on it.
Provost has a crane up and construction is in full swing - from my post in that topic:
Crane was installed around a week ago - this is fully rising now


They are NOT playing around in Jersey City, specifically JSQ. The amount of development in that area is insane. Still a few patches here and there in need of development; but overall, in five years, JSQ area will become even more unrecognizable.

Some more green space would be cool; im assuming that is apart of the plan.