The New York Metropolitan Skyline Photo Collection

Don’t forget White Plains in Westchester. It’s the only significant highrise cluster between the city and Albany, but because of its location and size its overlooked. Not to mention highrise development has stagnated there since the last decade, unfortunately. Photo by army.arch from flickr.

New York, NY Views from the One World Observatory by army.arch, on Flickr


Nice photo and good curious info as well, YIMHudson. ^^
Good job.

Took these yesterday from my roof. To the far right you can even see journal square.


Wow, you have one lucky beautiful view of Manhattan everyday, JC_Heights. :slight_smile:

Thanks! :sunglasses:

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There’s no denying that from a strictly aesthetic point of view, the 1930-1940 skyline looked wicked.

The golden days. Where men smoked cigars, dressed in suits, and the mafia was in control. Which was great because a job at the port could feed a family of 4. And… they always paid on time. The golden era of unions and safe neighborhoods!

Where men could lounge around after a hard days of labor and get a beer or whiskey for 5 cents. Where businessmen could make deals to carve the skyline, and later, go to Time Square to “rub” some stress off.

Credit: cobravictor


From Da Bronx

From Mainland USA!


Nice shots, VG!! I like how you can see LIC and it’s developments in the second image

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Thx! Yea, NYC greater skyline will be even more magnificent as the skyline in LIC grows taller and denser.

That’s why I kinda don’t mind traffic jams on the Upper Level of the Verrazano’s heading towards SI. Because on a clear day, you get a hell of a view looking out the right window. Even better as a passenger.


That’s a good way to enjoy the moment while you’re in a traffic jam, especially on a day and on a spot like that, Chris. :slight_smile:

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Taken today


Beautiful shots you took, JC_Heights!!

Agreed! It’s amazing to me how little justice pictures do when compared to seeing the skyline in person. Especially in the first shot, the sense of scale is hard to appreciate unless you’ve already been there!!


What a truth that is.
On my first trip into the City we were taking the subway from connecticut, and the whole time I was anxious to get a peek of the skyline. Right about when we hit Harlem the train turned in such a way that I was bombarded by views of the city as tall as ever.
The pictures don’t even compare to that sense of entering the greatest city on earth (to me, at least).
Unluckily, after that we were underground until GCT, but boy was it special…

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New York Sky line by miketew56, on flickr


Love this shot. You can see three major skylines. JC, Midtown, Lower, and whats missing but there are DoBro and LIC. So 5 major skylines, each technically larger than most cities out there, that form to make one huge Metropolitan Skyline! :blush:

On a side note, 1 WTC has to be one of the best situated and looking towers on the planet. Its just so perfect in its aesthetics and how it intertwines with its surroundings. Even without the cladding on the spire, its still stunning.

Look how dominant 10 Hudson.

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Hey, love this shot! And that reminds me.
Now I’m on a trip, and when I come back home, I’ll post something that has a link to this image, hunser!

and this is where I put the pictures that are too general to put in an individual thread.


Love these collection of pictures, Tokila!

And HOLY TOWERS and DRAGON’S CARAMBA!! That very large picture of Chrysler Building is what I really need for my plans and calculations for my next Lego construction! The details of its windows and floor heights perspectives of floors 17, 24, 25, 27, 31, 58 and 61!
I owe one, Tokila! :smile: