Cities With Most Skyscapers

I was reading over this article last night and I thought it was a great overview. It really shows you how NYC is still far ahead of everyone else except Hong Kong. Once a few more supertalls get completed, I think NYC will arguably have the most diverse skyline in the world. It won’t have the tallest as that will still go to the Burj Dubai and eventually the Kingdom tower. It won’t have the maximum number of skyscrapers, as that will still go to Hong Kong. It will however, have the greatest number of supertalls blended in with the greatest number of skyscrapers altogether. Should make for a truly incredible skyline, the likes of which we’ve never seen!


I was just daydreaming, but didn’t want to post this in a new topic.

Could you imagine if NYC had 200 meter+ towers in every borough, as well as NJ gold coast, with the density of Midtown?
Imagine almost all of the Bronx, right down through southern Manhattan. All of Queens and Brooklyn, the Hudson Waterfront in NJ from Fort Lee to Bayonne, and a good chunk of Staten Island. I wonder how incredible that would look!

I wouldn’t recognize our city. But for the better.