NYC gets 1 tower from every major American City

Thought this would be a fun dream scenario. You can take 1 building from every major American city and “move” it to NYC. It doesn’t necessarily have to be the tallest, maybe just the best in your opinion. Of course in many situations the tallest probably is the best, but there are a few cities where that definitely isn’t the case. The buildings can be placed anywhere you see fit in Manhattan (empty lots, that huge lot on the east river could probably take at least 3-4 alone, replace shitty low rises) anywhere in the boroughs or on the Jersey side to beef up the skyline from other angles. To be honest, other than the huge empty lot on the East River, I would mostly leave Manhattan alone and beef up Brooklyn, Queens and Jersey with most of these.

Here’s my list. There are some MAJOR cities that quite frankly don’t even have anything worth moving, Phoenix, San Diego, San Antonio, and Portland come to mind. But here goes:

LA: U.S Bank Tower: 1018 feet
Chicago: Sears/Willis Tower: 1451 feet
Philadelphia: Comcast Technology Center: 1121 feet
Houston: TC Energy Center: 780 feet
Dallas: Comerica Bank Tower: 787 feet
San Francisco: Transamerica Pyramid: 853 feet
Seattle: Columbia Center: 937 feet
Cleveland: Terminal Tower: 771 feet
Atlanta: Bank of America Plaza: 1,023 feet
Boston: Four Seasons Hotel and Private Residences: 742 feet
Miami: One Thousand Museum: 709 feet
Austin: The Austonian: 683 feet
Charlotte: Bank of America Tower: 871 feet
Cincinati: Great American Tower: 665 feet
Indianapolis: Salesforce Tower: 701 feet
Pittsburg: One PPG Place: 635 feet
Nashville: AT&T Building: 617 feet
Kansas City: One Kansas City Place: 624 feet
Tampa: 100 North Tampa: 579 feet
St Louis: Thomas F Eagleton Courthouse: 557 feet
Detroit: Ally Detroit Center: 619 feet (until Hudson’s Site is done at 685 feet)
Oklahoma City: Devon Energy Center: 844 feet
Minneapolis: Wells Fargo Center: 775 feet
Baltimore: Bank of America Building: 509 feet

I will also make a separate thread for major worldwide cities

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Chicago? I have Four:

  • John Hancock Center: 1,499 feet
  • St. Regis Chicago: 1,198 feet
  • Trump International Hotel and Tower: 1,388 feet
  • Aon Center: 1,189 feet

Los Angeles: Wilshire Grand Center: 1,100 feet
Philadelphia: Comcast Center: 973 feet
Houston: JP Morgan Chase Tower: 1,002 feet
Dallas: Bank of America Plaza: 921 feet
San Francisco: Salesforce Tower: 1,070 feet
Seattle: Rainier Square Tower: 850 feet
Cleveland: One Cleveland Center: 450 feet
Atlanta: 191 Peachtree Tower: 770 feet
Boston: Federal Reserve Bank Building: 614 feet
Miami: Porsche Design Tower: 641 feet
Austin: The Independent: 690 feet
Charlotte: Charlotte Metro Tower (U/C): 597 feet
Cincinnati: Carew Tower: 623 feet
Indianapolis: Salesforce Tower: 811 feet
Pittsburgh: U.S. Steel Tower: 841 feet
Nashville: AT&T Building: 617 feet
Kansas City: City Hall: 520 feet
Tampa: Rivergate Tower: 454 feet
St Louis: Gateway Arch: 630 feet
Detroit: GM Renaissance Center: 750 feet
Oklahoma City: BancFirst Tower: 500 feet
Minneapolis: IDS Center: 910 feet
Baltimore: Transamerica Tower: 528 feet

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The thing that makes New York unlike any other city on the planet are all the pre-war skyscrapers. I care far more about quality / design than height.

Pittsburgh: Cathedral of learning
Boston: Custom House Tower
Cleveland: The Terminal Tower
Columbus: LeVeque Tower
Chicago: Temple Building | Tribune building | Etc.
Detroit: Book Tower
San Francisco: Russ Building
Cincinnati: Union central building
Providence: Superman Building
Kansas City: Power and Light Company Building
Salt Lake City: Salt Lake Temple
Huston: Gulf Building

New York City and Chicago combined.


Hi guys! Slightly off-topic but I’m making my own NYC version in Minecraft. Are there any U.S. buildings/cities (or buildings/cities in general) I should add to it?