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Hi YIMBY Forums,

A few members have encouraged me to share with the broader community the creation of AlgoNYC @ www.algonyc.com in its own thread. The goal of AlgoNYC is to centralize New York City’s vast quantities of real estate data in order to provide more effective property research & analysis. It’s entirely free and I think it would be a valuable resource to the community here.

I’m posting with the hope of getting suggestions about how the platform could be better designed to meet your specific needs.

It has three main features right now:

First is property reporting. These are individual pages for every property in the city that tie together data from PLUTO, ACRIS, DOF, and DOB to make it easier to browse each of those components (land use, property records, sales, building permits/violations/complaints, etc.) than by using the various city tools (ZoLa, ACRIS, BIS, etc.). To access a property report, go to the homepage (www.algonyc.com) and search for a property.

Second is the “Explorer” tool. This is a map-based tool onto which you can add a variety of layers to visualize market/neighborhood data—311 complaints, construction permits, zoning, sales, etc. The Explorer can be accessed at Data Explorer | AlgoNYC.

Third is the iPhone app. This is the Explorer in a native iOS app—for use on the go! That can be downloaded at ‎AlgoNYC on the App Store (It’s free but requires sign-up.)

I’ve developed the website entirely on my own as a real estate data passion project and have hopes that it can evolve into something larger within the real estate and construction industries.

Please let me know what you think about the site! Feel free to DM as well of course.


I love this site! You did a great job developing it.

Everyone should use it.


Hi Algo! The site is awesome. I am going to use it a lot.


Love it!



You have created a very useful app, THANKS. :+1:

I don’t know if it’s possible to recreate some sort of 3-D representation of the buildings, since as a European I would find it easier to found the buildings.

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Thanks for the kind words everyone. 3D or satellite modeling is a great idea. I’ll look into it. I’m aware of some datasets that provide this, but they’re fairly dated at this point. I’m also in the process of figuring out if it’s possible to integrate StreetView somehow.


I would love an android app as well.


Android is definitely on the list, though it’s going to take some time!

Do people have any thoughts on how the property reports could be improved?

I’m curious what kind of data, analysis, or features would enhance your experience.

Just published a big update that replaces the land use map on the property report with the fully functional explorer that shows 311 complaints, sales, construction permits, zoning, and more! This should allow people to much more effectively research a property and neighborhood at the same time.

Here’s an example of what it looks like now:

If you click on a layer feature, the detail will show up below the map.


Great work!

Your site is fantastic.

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