MODERATOR REQUESTS (Title change/height/floor/info, etc.)

Sounds like “Jersey Digs” is as (un)reliable as “New York YIMBY” (the website, not the forum).

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It can be tough in general for a lot of sources that cover development or development news to be a 100 percent accurate picture. I wouldn’t say they are all unreliable as information can vary, even to the detail, from a quality standpoint. Sort of like in general media coverage… a developing story… and the story or facts expand as more details come in… sometimes right… sometimes off… but the key I think is to cross reference with other sources. Sometimes one gets something right that the other may not, vice versa. As they all seek to gather “evidence”. Hell, sometimes we find out info from user posts on a forum or reddit before the major tabloids catch it. Evidence evidence evidence!!!

Hi there,

A little while back I created this thread and didn’t realize one already existed for the same building. Can they please be merged?


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Done, thanks for letting me know.


I have fixed the problem with the three consecutive replies, now the member can post several times in a row.


Can someone please combine these two threads?

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Done. Thanks for letting us know!

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Please merge these:

I think the reason these threads were made separately was because the tower developments atop the terminal are not being developed in tandem with the terminal or by the state as they will be developed privately, similar to how the Penn Station redevelopment (a development by the state) has its own thread and the Empire Station Complex (a private development of towers) its own.

No, I’m not merging the two topics, because as TKDV has already said. One project, the bus terminal renovation, is a government project and the other, the two skyscrapers, is a private project.

And both projects should also be treated separately, otherwise there will be a confusion between the two topics.


I think there’s already confusion between the two, as folks are posting in both about the same things, and in any case the public and private parts will likely be designed, engineered and maybe even built at the same time. This isn’t like Grand Central being followed by the Pan Am building half a century later - it’s more like the construction of the 1960s Penn Station and Madison Square Garden (which were simultaneous and inseparable from each other).

But the main difference with Penn/MSG is that the reconstruction of the station mostly preceded the construction of MSG, which was then built somewhat in tandem, with the PABT we do not know if the towers will be built simultaneously as the terminal is being built, its out of the question that the infrastructure for the towers will be built out but that doesnt mean they will continue past the roof height of the terminal building while it is under construction, they could be capped/left as voids in the terminal until a developer decides to building something.

The Penn/ESC/MSG threads have been doing fine now with little cross over, i think it should be fine in this situation too, but since we do not know much about the towers, the project “is” more for the PABT redevelopment they should just be kept separate and nobody should post anything relating to the towers if the posted material is more so related to the terminal. (Like i wouldnt post renders of the terminal interior, etc in the tower thread) The material shouldn’t have been double posted and vice versa. I think the tower thread can still be kept opened, but discussion should just be limited to the towers themselves.

A similar dicussion will arise once/if anything comes of Penn South and the towers that are to be developed ontop of it in a similar fashion. :man_shrugging:t2:

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I can’t tell if this is a “distinction without a difference” or a “difference without a distinction.”

What’s the difference between the two?

just put it together and you’re done SSP has two threads

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Are you allergic to punctuation?



I just don’t like one member.
that’s all.

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Id say the main difference/distinction (between/among all the projects that are “related” but have separate threads) is how they are being developed and how they are phased (in another sense). The terminal is being developed by the state, the towers are private developments that may be developed after, i dont think there is a problem in having the threads separate, it just seems to be an issue that information shouldnt be repeated twice if its not relevant to one thread or the other, etc.

You are in no position to talk this way on this forum or ANY forum, or members. Perhaps you should dm someone who’s in a higher position about your problems…but the only problem I see is you


I am actually impressed by the fact that this forum is willing to accommodate the occasional odd, rude, inappropriate comments. Over zealous moderation of internet forums stifles growth and participation.

I give 007 a pass; these forum issue have the ability to ‘self-correct’ in the long run. The moderators on this YIMBY forum are ‘moderate’ and that is a good thing IMHO.


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I really thought that you had learned something from your 6-month lockdown, but unfortunately the opposite is the case. If you don’t stop bump topics and especially replying to my posts soon, you’ll get another even longer suspension.

I already know you’re ignoring my warning, but I have to say it.