Newark Airport renovations and updates

Not sure why this is off the forum, but it has been a program of record for around 10 years now.

Quite far into construction too from Google Earth photos



Thanks for creating the thread. I was actually searching on here the other day to see if it was being watched by the forum. This article is only a few weeks old with a ton of pics


I worked on this project for a while when it was still in proposal stages back in 2009. I got assigned to a different project in Abu Dhabi and continued to move on to different projects and countries eventually so I completely forgot about it until recently. It’s nice to see the progress. It looks almost exactly the same too from what I can remember except for maybe the monorail.


What line of work are you in?

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Civil engineer by trade, but pretty much a PM by practice now.

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Very cool. Always interesting to hear about people’s backgrounds on this forum

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Yeah for sure. I went to SIT in Hoboken so I tracked a lot of the stuff on the forum in real time especially Hudson Yards. Worked for the PA for a while as well. Glad to see there is a community dedicated to public improvement.


Some great photos of the construction site


This was a great update. I was wondering if any plans had changed due to the pandemic. Also, good to see the estimated completion date.

The technology (like e-gates) is going to bring this airport into the 21st century. I’m always so jealous when I see videos of people at newer airports like Dubai or HK. Now Newark will be a first class global airport. I can’t wait to fly out of there!

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Terminal 2 is next. The PA has plans for a new Terminal 2 at Newark.

And Terminal 3 is quite nice and doesn’t need replacement. So Newark will be a very nice airport in the coming years.


I think this is current enough.
I went searching in the Port Authorities site to see if there was more current info, like if they’d found a planner but it sent me to the newark airport site which for some reason wouldn’t load for me. If anyone finds anything, you know where to send it.

The Port Authority has not published any news regarding this project since August 2021. That last news was also about the monorail, not the construction in general. Given the fact, that its opening has been pushed later more than once, clearly the PA isn’t treating this project as a priority or of much significance compared to LGA or JFK which seem to be their ‘flagship pet projects’. EWR’s got a pretty boring design and not as much fanfare as the other two airports. I’ve been following this project very closely since this airport I travel out of often.

I also found some possible design renderings of a future Terminal B off some random PA powerpoint I found. They ain’t the highest of resolution but its something.


Newark is getting tons of work. Newark Terminal A is wrapping up construction, Terminal B is next and the Newark Airtrain is being replaced. PATH is eventually being extended to meet the rebuilt Airtrain and a huge new rental car/parking center is being built.

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Interesting. The article had mentioned the Port Authority had sent out a request for a planner. It said it was due back in April, I was just wondering if they had posted any confirmation of acquiring one.
Unfortunately no such luck.

Given the snail’s pace of progress on this project and the PA’s lack of actually giving updates, I don’t expect any news on this for a while.

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That’s annoying. But at least it seems LaGuardia is going rather quick. Hope JFK keeps that pace.

JFK seems to be advancing with some level of speed, mainly the pretty disappointing expansion of T4. The steelwork’s already going up and groundbreaking for the new T1 is anticipated for this year. EWR definitely got the short end of the stick from the PA.

Here’s a screenshot from a planespotting video from today showing progress.