MANCHESTER | No 1 Spinningfields | 92M | 302FT | 20 FLOORS

Under construction by Allied London

Designed by Ian Simpson

300,000sqft of offices

The larger of the blocks, the other block will be revealed at a later date:

[QUOTE=Caiman;130189261]It’s shooting up.


The site is where the white crane is:

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Machester is booming!

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It’s slowly rising!

[QUOTE=Caiman;130436844]Grown quite a bit in the last week!




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Great photo, Stig!

This thing is shooting up! According to the construction contractors (BAM) Facebook page, there are only 6 floors left to go:




Taken from St John’s Garden.

Taken from the bottom of Quay Street. Proposed 50 storey residential tower going to the left of me. :slight_smile:


I will be posting a new thread later for yet another 100m+ 35 story building which has just come into planning :slight_smile:

Looks great!

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Roof top restaurant confirmed as Michelin Star D&D. The restaurant will sit at 1 meter higher than the Cloud23 bar and restaurant in The Beetham Tower according to the architect.

They have 35 restaurants in London, New York, Tokyo, Paris and Leeds.

I’m wonderimg if any of you guys have been to a D&D before?

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I will be having a tour of the construction site in the 17th June when I visit Manchester for the day, there is also another office project in Manc which I am trying to get in at also. Hopefully I will be able to take photos onsite for you all to see!


That would be great, Stig!

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Looking forward to it Stig!

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Following on from my visit to the site on Friday, below I have listed some details:

  • The tower is expected to be completed and open on 29th May 2017.

  • The crane is to jump another 24m later this summer, with the crane mast rising to a final height of 108m.

  • The 1500 glass panels are being shipped over from Portugal, of which for the appearance will vary from panel to panel (as depicted in the renders). Some panels will have small circles etched into them to create multiple shades throughout the build.

  • The glass facade on one of the sides will be different to the rest, I think they mentioned it will be more simplified texture wise.

  • There is a cross section of steel on the west-side cantilever took a guy 3 months to weld.

  • There is a diagonally placed steel beam going through the centre of the building from the foundations. They had to rework this section as there was a large electricity hub which couldn’t be moved until part way through of the erection of the steel.

  • There is an atrium being constructed on the ground floor, due to the massive footprint of the build, this will allow public access to traverse through the centre of the building to the other side.

There were two 3D renders of the build on the wall, where it appears there will indeed be steel erected approximately 1 floor in height. The restaurant will sit below this. I will post photos of these renderings later.

Photos of being on site will come at a later date also.

Good news! Looks like Allied London are still pressing ahead despite leaving the EU!

Take a look at @michaelingall’s Tweet:

Take a look at @no1spinningfds’s Tweet:

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yes, Machester is booming. .

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