MANCHESTER | 100 & 101 Embankment | 50M + 56M | 164FT + 184FT | 10 + 11 FLOORS

Height - 56m + 50m / 184ft + 164ft

Space - 330,000 Sqft / 30,658 Sqm

Use - Commercial with retail and leisure lining the podium base

Developer - Ask Real Estate

Architects - Flanagan Lawrence

Website -

Expected Completion - 2016 / 2018

100 & 101 Embankment is primarily an office development with 101 currently under construction in the Greengate area of Manchester. 101 is nearing external completion with 100 set to start shortly. The site is nested by the River Irwell. The two towers themselves sit upon the historic remains of the Exchange Station; where a 3 storey car park is being constructed inside making use of unseen space, with retail units lining the exterior fronting the streets.

The ‘Cathedral Approach’ is one of the last remaining features of the old Exchange Station, of which was a bridge that crossed the River Irwell from the Cathedral to the entrance of the station; much like the Park Avenue Viaduct leading to Grand Central Station. This walkway has been restored along with the podium to the towers creating grand juxtaposition between the medieval and Victorian landmarks of Manchester, with the modern towers in the background which will rise dozens of storeys into the sky, literally representing the layers of history as the city builds upwards.

The office blocks are fully glass clad, with dark cladding surrounding the top, defining the crown. The retail units within the Victorian brick podium will help to add warmth and maturity to such a young and upcoming area, grounding it in reality as shiny reflecting textures compliment and reflect the old. This large office complex is said to thrive as the surrounding residential towers start to rise, with Embankment West being one of them, which is currently awaiting approval:

On Friday 17th June I will be having a tour on site; all being well I should be able to have permission to take and share photos as I set foot on this 330,000Sqft development. As some of you are aware, on the same day I will also being having a tour on the 92m / 302ft tall No1 Spinningfields site:

Renders from the planning application

Render vs current state from the Victorian Street Pedestrian Bridge::

The current progress on site:

Taken from further aback:

From roughly the same perspective over 100 years ago:

The Cathedral Approach in painting:

Aerial view of Manchester with part of Greengate towards the bottom:

Building footprints:

Massing and contextual diagrams:

City Suites to the left, No2 Greengate towering behind:

Render and details of the cladding:

Expect a construction update in the next coming weeks, by me, both on and off site!

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Looks good!

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Photo taken by me from my my visit to the site. As you can see, 101 Embankment is to the right, with Citysuites in the centre of the image; I will create a thread at some point of CS as it is part of the ever growing ‘Greengate’ district in Manchester.

101 Embankment is scheduled for completion on September 23rd.


During my site visit, I managed to snap these photos of the cladding, which is to be in the lobby of these buildings. The tiles are composed of laminated coloured glass, with frosted edges to enhance the curvaceous sides. Although they may give off the impression of being ‘plasticy’, this is definitely not the case. The panels are of top quality, and are very heavy might I add!

One of the curved panels in contrast with a flat: