MANCHESTER | Old Granada Studios | 165M | 541FT | 55 FLOORS

Proposed by Allied London


Designed by Ian Simpson

Mixed use ranging from town houses to skyscrapers with an international arts centre


The boards at the exhibition. In no particular order.


Arts Centre:

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Nice project!

Good news! Looks like Allied London are still pressing ahead despite leaving the EU! There has also been recent mentiomings of confirmed architects for two 40 storey towers which will sit along side the rest.

Take a look at @michaelingall’s Tweet:

Take a look at @no1spinningfds’s Tweet:

New renderings and information has been revealed today including a hotel occupier for 110 rooms in the tallest tower. I will give out further information over the next few days, until then, feast your eyes on these new renders below.

The master plan, the twin towers towards the middle are the two 40 storey towers which I have mentioned above which has recently been rumoured to have confirmed architects to take on the job:

St Johns Place

The tallest tower in the complex to rise 163m tall:

Pixelated nighttime render:

This render shows a close up of the facade from a high vantage point, it will be interesting to see what the final cladding will be. The detailing in the facade is rather intricate, yet very contemporary in style:

South Village

These blocks are designed as inner-city family homes, each apartment will have an outdoor space, which in itself constitutes to the design. These personally remind me of some of the warehouses in the Chelsea District of Manhattan:

An interior shot, revealing the exposed brick columns:

Central Village

Much like South Village, Central will consist of more ‘standard’ apartments in low rise blocks, as together they form one as a continuous streetscape with great street interactivity.

The Bonded Warehouse

This restoration of an old warehouse into office space, retail and leisure will provide great contrast with its modern surroundings, whilst grounding the St Johns District, adding depth to the cityscape.

The Factory

Designed by OMA, The Factory will house world class venues, shows, festivals and art. Inspired by the history of the area, the design may take the industrial theme quite literally:

A birds eye layout of the St Johns:

And a gorgeous render:


Nadla to occupy 10 floors of the tallest tower

The luxury boutique hotel chain, Nadla, are to occupy the first 10 floors of the tallest tower, St Johns Place, with 110 rooms of which the developer expect to be completed and occupied by the end of 2018.

With hotels in London and Liverpool, the expansion of the 4 star brand into Manchester is a significant and much needed boost to the area with the Spinningfields CBD across the road increasing demand.

Above the hotel will house several floors of amenities such as restaurants, a gym and social areas for the residents.

Below is an updated render of the above, with the text removed from over the image:

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This is truly fantastic – great news for Manchester, and beautiful building!

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Indeed it is a beautiful development, I think if / when I have the money I’d struggle to decide as to whether I’d live in one of the towers or the lowrise brick blocks with a roof terrace to myself!

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Higher res renders which includes two new ones, feast your eyes on the below:

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Very nice! Wonder where Manchester goes from here? Seems like a decent crowd of 500’+ buildings are in the pipeline… :smiley:

Well a site which holds planning permission for a 60 storey, 188m tall tower has literally only just been put on the market. This project got to the stage of rebar protruding out of the ground, ready to rise before the recession hit, haulting the project indefinetly. With the location of the site being at the foot of Manchesters largest railway station, which is set to expand massively when the new HS2 lines get built, this site has massive potential to be THE gateway building of Manchester. Think of it as The Shard to London Bridge Station.

I presume one of the three developer giants in Manchester will snap up the site, either Renakar, Allied London or Bruntwood. If Renaker, possibly expect a larger tower than what the site currently holds planning for :wink:

I will make a thread for this site shortly. :slight_smile:

There are also rumours of a 50-60 storey tower to the north of the city, which will add a peak to the forming Greengate / Northern Quarter cluster, the current tallest in the area, which is in the piling stages, is the 130m tall Exchange Court Tower; as seen in the thread linked below.

I have a feeling that the rumoured tower will be on a derelict site by the river, although we will have to wait and see.

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The planning application has now been made public, I will post docs later this evening :slight_smile:

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##The St Johns Master Plan | North East Quarter

Today the long awaited planning application for the North Eastern Quarter of the St Johns development went live to the public, revealing the finer details of the facade, heights, layout and glorious new renders from various vantage points.

The grand plan

The area circled in red is todays topic and covers the planning application revealed today:

A close up birds eye view of what’s to come in the North East Quarter:

Zone 1 | St Johns Place | 168M | 551FT | 55 FLOORS

St Johns place is to rise as the tallest building in the St Johns development, gracing the sky at 55 storeys in the air.

Reminiscent of New Yorks Rockefeller Towers in form, feast your eyes on the below diagrams and models revealed today:

Massing Diagrams

View facing south:

View facing east:

View facing north:

View facing west:

The yellow indicates the residential whilst the pink represents the hotel, of which is to be occupied by a 4 star Nadla:

Facade Diagrams

The ground floor:

Lower floors:

Mid to upper floors:

Mid - upper floors with internal balconies:

Mid to upper floor duplexes:


3D rendered facade:

Quay Street View Points

No1 Spinningfields to the right, enhancing the canyon effect:

3D models

A rendered model of the final building, revealing the south and west facing sides:

##Zone 2 | 35M | 115FT | 10 FLOORS

A smaller build to St Johns Place, Zone 2 will be a 10 storey mixed use build, consisting of retail and leisure fronting the street, with a hotel and residence above, all wrapped in a squared of honeycomb inspired facade. The unusual footprint of the building is influenced into the design.

Massing Diagrams

View facing south:

View facing east:

View facing west:

View facing north:

#Facade Diagrams

The ground floor:

The honeycomb facade coating the upper floors for both the hotel and apartments:

3D Models

Zone 3 | 68M | 223FT | 21 FLOORS

As a mid rise residential tower by the riverside rising up towards the south, linking the Spinningfield apartment blocks with the giants of St Johns, this development is key in linking the city scape together. The triangular roof is one of an uncommon nature for Manchester, which contrasts greatly against its blocky reputation. Retail flanks the bottom of the tower, opening up a pathway along the River Irwell.

Massing Diagrams

3D models

Zone 4 | 19M | 62FT | 5 FLOORS

This 5 storey proposal is quite a contrast to the towers rising behind. Whilst its design is contemporary, its form and scale help to compliment the neighbouring historic warehouses with its roof-line and extrusions following the lines of the row. The L-shape footprint is to allow the courtyard to be retained, whilst giving it a defined public square.

Massing Diagrams


Here you can see the matching complimentary roof-lines lining up the river to form as one, whilst the glass giants tower behind:

North East Quarter | Massing renders

North East Quarter | 3D Models

##North East Quarter | View Points | Before and After

Below are renderings which represent the impact of which these towers are going to have on the skyline.

Quay Street, Salford End, where the contrast in scale is phenomenal:

The below is one of my most anticipated views upon completion, these towers give the impression of a large and expansive, yet dense city, it gives the feel of closure to the streets rather than an open end into nothingness.

The River Irwell from Greengate:

Cathedral Approach:

Deansgate, again anchoring the end of the street:

Trinity Way:

Regent Road, The Beetham Tower won’t look so lonely anymore as it will stand 60cm taller than St Johns Place:

Water Street from afar:

Hulme Footbridge, the evergrowing skyline rises in the distance:

Lower Byron Street:

Middlewood Locks:

MSI, a great comparison of the engineering marvels of Manchesters history:

Liverpool Street:

Liverpool Road:

Gartside, to think the density of Spinningfields is already incredible, these towers will add yet another level above, creating an incredibly dense streetscape:

From Princess Bridge:

Water Street, through the canyon of the future St Johns Quarter:

St Johns Gardens, the view from this park will be outstanding, such an open green space will thrive in the coming years:

St Johns Street, old meets new:

Due to the mass scale of the development, I will create seperate threads for each of the blocks in time.

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#Campfield Markets

Campfield Markets is the latest addition to be revealed by Allied London in partnership with Simpson Haugh architects. The proposal will be an expansion to St Johns further down the road from South Village opposite the Beetham Tower which replace an already dated refurbished 60’s office block.

Inspired by the Markthal in Rotterdam, the mixed-use block will house a market with restaurants and leisure on the first few levels, with apartments and office space around and above the grand hall in the upper floors.With the historic train yard buildings flanking either side, there appears to be entrances facing these blocks to the east and west as well as the doors to the north and south, these buildings are suspected to be converted and opened up to create a through route from east to west and vise versa.

The futuristic Market building will be enhanced in contrast to the neighbouring warehouses; when traversing through, it will give the impression of walking through time, creating experience to remember. This will help to connect the south side mega developments (Owen Street cluster) and Castlefield with the rest of the city with a social, vibrant and iconic structure, expanding and enhancing the cityscape of Manchester for the better.

The block to be demolished to make way for the market:

The potential entrance from Deansgate:

The potential entrance from Lower Byrom Street:

The potential route through the market with the site for the new build marked in the red box:

Taken from Google Maps.

This gives the impression that this is to pave the way for the redevelopment of the ‘housing estate’ next door.


Love this development project. Very nice

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#St Johns Living

Allied London have teased and provided a few renderings and snippets of the upcoming St Johns Living proposal which is to sit upon the River Irwell acting as a backdrop to the future arts centre known as The Factory.

The twins will sit at a right angle to one another rising 36 storeys into the sky, the facade is said to ‘embrace a delicate metallic skin’; as described by the developers.

##Exterior Render

As you can see in the render below, the towers mirror each others tones into one another, with the reflective facade giving the impression and hopes that it will be of the finest quality. You can also see the rest of the current planned St Johns developments towards the rear as the mammoth St Johns Place looms to the left:

##The Facade

Two renders have been revealed of a close up to the facade for both the copper coloured and silver towers. The windows form the shape of the repetitive pattern found in the teaser poster above. The jagged-like effect of the windows gives the impression that the delicate mirror like facades have cracked and started to peel away revealing the under body, forming an unusual and simple, yet intricate pattern.

More to come soon upon further reveals…


#St Johns Place - 1 Bedroom Apartment For Sale

A new render has been revealed for the St Johns Place Tower as part the pre-selling of apartments to investors and future occupiers. At £270,500, this will buy you a one bedroom apartment towards the lower floors of the upper half. Despite being just one bedroom, the rooms are decidedly spacious, and with the height of the apartment sitting above the hotel, views will spill out above its nearby surroundings for the long term, giving sweeping views of the city below.

The render displays a human perspective shot looking upwards at the grand, black industrial skyscraper fronting an open square. The red sculpture pictured is ‘The Flamingo’ from Chicago, designed by Alexander Calder. It is not yet clear as to whether this work of art is a placeholder, or as to whether it will be a twinned sculpture referencing Manchesters ever growing Chicago-esque cityscape.

The website, should anyone be interested in purchasing of course:


just bumped into this on Instagram… the flamingo sculpture in Chicago.