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Long Island City Megaproject Could House 1,600 New Rentals

Monday, June 16, 2014, by Hana R. Alberts
[An aerial shot of the site where a $875 million mixed-use complex is slated to rise; as a reference point, 28th Street and Queens Plaza is office building Gotham Center.]

A giant new megaproject is coming to Queens Plaza in Long Island City. H&R Real Estate Investment Trust has teamed up with developer Tishman Speyer to plan a “landmark luxury residential rental development” next to Gotham Center, an office building at Queens Plaza and 28th Street. The adjacent parcel in question can accommodate a tower of up to 1.2 million square feet, and a press release posits that there could be 1,600 rental apartments and 30,000 square feet of retail space, built in three phases.

First things first: construction is set to begin in 2015 on the first phase, a 42-story building with 700 units, with occupancy for those apartments slated for 2017. The price tag of the whole shebang? $875 million.

The parcel is bordered by Jackson Avenue to then north, LIRR/Sunnyside Yards to the south, Queens Boulevard to the east, and Orchard Street to the west. The Google Street View shot above from the corner of Jackson Avenue and Orchard Street, looking southeast.

Scaffolding up at 28-18 Jackson Avenue

Posted on September 4, 2014 by CtSqLIC

In the last week of August, we saw construction crews putting up scaffolding at 28-18 Jackson Avenue. Work was being done in accordance with a DOB Permit that was approved on August 22, 2014. There are two other permits in the DOB bin for this site, both of which deal with demolition.
Scaffolding is up at 28-18 Jackson Ave.

All photos by Nathan Kensinger

As summer draws to a close, the demolition of Long Island City’s industrial heritage is once again gaining steam. In the Court Square area—already transformed by numerous development projects—a slew of old warehouses are now on the market, while the destruction of the iconic 5 Pointz complex is well underway. Overshadowed by this better-known neighbor, an even more impressive piece of Queens history was recently gutted. The West Chemical Company, a warren of abandoned buildings dating back to the early 1900s, is now an empty shell. Soon it will be completely demolished and replaced with an $875 million luxury residential project.

The sale of this block-long property along Jackson Avenue was announced in June and a request for several demolition permits was filed today, but work began onsite at least a month ago, according to neighbors, with the removal of the buildings’ windows and interiors.


Permits Filed: 1,789-Unit, Three-Tower Tishman Speyer Project in Long Island City


Two blocks at center, image from Bing Maps

In June, Crain’s reported that Tishman Speyer and Toronto-based H&R Real Estate Investment Trust were teaming up to build three apartment towers in Long Island City, with a grand total of 1,600 rental units.

Now, permits have been filed for the mega-development, and it’s gotten a bit bigger: 1,789 apartments will now be included across the complex, which takes up two blocks bounded by Jackson Avenue, Orchard Street, Sunnyside Yards, and Queens Boulevard.

The tallest of the towers will be 28-34 Jackson Avenue, which will rise 53 stories and 590 feet, and hold 658 apartments over 495,000 square feet of residential space, plus a nearly 6,000-square foot retail space.

After that comes 28-10 Jackson Avenue, on the same block. That tower will have a whopping 683 rental units spread over 518,000 square feet of residential space, plus more than 3,000 square feet of retail space, and will reach 44 stories and 504 feet.

Finally, the shortest of the trio is 30-02 Queens Boulevard, at just 33 stories and 374 feet. It will fit 448 apartments in 365,000 square feet of residential space, plus nearly 6,500 square feet of retail at its base.

Given that the density of the site approaches a floor area ratio of 12, which is only possible with an affordable housing density bonus, it appears that the developers are planning to set aside 20 percent of the apartments – nearly 360 units – to be let at below-market rates.

The three-tower project will cost $875 million to build, including the cost of land, according to Crain’s. They reported that a 42-story tower would be the first to rise, in 2015, and be completed by 2017 – presumably referring to 28-34 Jackson Avenue, which is marked on the permit application as having 44 stories.

Goldstein Hill & West is listed as the architect on the permit application.

Renderings up at Tishman Speyer’s Long Island City project

Recently, construction crews put up renderings at the 28-34 Jackson Avenue, 28-10 Jackson Avenue and 30-02 Queens Boulevard sites, which is part of Tishman Speyer’s plan to bring three large residential builds to Long Island City.1 Demolition finished late last year, and construction on the new project should wrap up in 2018, according to the rendering.2

Here are more details of the project from Queens Brownstoner:3

The project includes three towers: 28-34 Jackson Avenue, holding 658 units and 6,000 square feet of retail space, 28-10 Jackson Avenue, with 683 units and 3,000 square feet of retail space, and 30-02 Queens Boulevard, with 448 apartments and 6,500 square feet of retail. (1,789 apartments and 1.2 million square feet of new development in total!)


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This project is moving fast now. They were pouring a lot of concrete yesterday for the main/largest tower. The mixing trucks were lined up for blocks down jackson ave. LIC is basically one giant construction site. Cool to see that all 3 towers are being constructed at once. In JC we seem to just build 1 tower at a time for large projects.


I was riding shotgun on the FDR and spotted one of the towers of this project poking out. I apologize for the quality, as it was a distant, moving cell phone shot.

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30-02 Queens Boulevard
33 story 374 feet

28-34 Jackson Avenue
53 story 590 feet
Not the best angle, but it seems to be on it’s second floor

28-10 Jackson Avenue
44 story 504 feet
The building is currently on it’s 20 floor, almost half way


a new rendering for the upcoming Gotham Office Towers nearby.


A lot of action going on today.

The facade is up on the two first floors of 28-10 Jackson Avenue and it rose 4 stories in the past two weeks. I believe it has passed the half-way mark.

Pano shot of the entire project, which from this angle will not be visible in a few years because of Tishman’s proposed office buildings :blush::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: Gotta’ love NYC and LIC development.


Based on last DOB fillings, seems like the smallest of the 3 towers had a little height boost.



Looks like they’re on the 30th floor.


This project is huge. You can see the largest tower easily from the whitestone bridge now. (Easy to see since there is so much orange netting)

These were taken yesterday evening.

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Also, there has been no movement on Tishman’s office complex across the street. Still just an empty lot.

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And now a photo from this morning.