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Eagle Electric site to sprout 40-story apt. tower

Purchase of site for $37 million is part of a shift away from the increasingly built-up Long Island City, Queens, waterfront toward Queens Plaza.

By Matt Chaban
January 29, 2013

The two-story, neon Eagle Electric sign, a long-time landmark in Long Island City, that was replaced by a regular billboard over a decade ago, is slated to get a high-profile successor—a 40-story, 400-plus-unit rental tower.

Early this month a consortium of Property Markets Group, the Hakim Organization and Vector Group paid $37 million for 23-10 Queens Plaza South, a prewar Art Deco-style loft building that was once home to Eagle Electric’s production facilities, and a neighboring building at 23-01 42nd Road. The plan is to demolish the latter building and, with the considerable air rights afforded by the adjacent factory, construct a brand new apartment tower.

According to research by Douglas Elliman, there are only six new waterfront developments in the works with a few hundred apartments split between them. Around Queens Plaza, as many as 15 different projects are coming online in the next two to three years with upwards of 1,500 units. Among the new developments are a 700-unit Rockrose project at 43-22 Queens St., on another Eagle Electric property, and almost directly across the subway tracks, Worldwide Group is planning its own 40-story, 416-unit tower.

Permits Filed: 43-22 Queens Street


43-22 Queens Street, image via Google Maps

The first permits are up for another major residential development in Long Island City at 43-22 Queens Street, in Court Square, which is the site of the former Eagle Electric building. Rockrose is developing, and SLCE is the architect of record.

DOB filings indicate the tower will stand 54 stories and 580 feet tall, making it the second-tallest residential building in Queens. The scope will total 623,337 square feet, including 34,477 square feet of ground-floor retail; the remainder will be split between 783 apartments.

Curbed recently covered the history of the existing warehouse in a photo-essay, which also included details regarding the new tower. Per Rockrose head Justin Elghanayan, 80% of the warehouse will be preserved, with the adjacent skyscraper part of a larger 2,500-unit development.

43-22 Queens Street represents another positive step in the evolution of Court Square, which is rapidly transitioning into a high-density node; the number of residential projects continues to boom, and several large high-rises will soon begin construction. Rockrose is also developing 43-25 Hunter Street — revealed by YIMBY last week — which will add another 50-story building to the Long Island City skyline.

Heatherwood’s 42-12 28th Street remains the primary contender for the title of Queens’ tallest residential tower, and that project will rise 58 stories and 646 feet. If 43-22 Queens Street has any sort of architectural flourishes above its top floor, it could potentially vie for the title, though that would seem unlikely given that new high-rises in Court Square typically lack crowns or rooftop embellishments.

43-22 Queens Street, image via Google Maps

43-22 Queens Street will be just a few blocks from the E, M, N, Q, R, 7, and G trains, which will provide excellent transit accessibility for the tower. Momentum in Court Square continues to build, and as projects ranging from apartment skyscrapers to boutique condominiums begin construction, pressure will hopefully build for the redevelopment of nearby railyards that could host additional residential towers.

While no completion date for 43-22 Queens Street has been announced, the new filings suggest progress is imminent, and Rockrose’s latest development is another sign of Court Square’s rapid transition into an urban, walkable, and attractive neighborhood.

It appears Turner Construction was awarded this contract.

I see this has not been posted in for 1.5 years… found these renders on SLCE’s website.


I hope the design evolves from its current banal state. This will be in the top 6 tallest of LIC when all is said and done. (Cityview 984’, Plaza Park 915’, 1 CS 670’, 28 on 28th 650’, Tishman Speyer Complex [tallest] 590’, this tower 580’)

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I would be curious to see if construction has begun. It has been over a year since an update, and I would assume by now something would be happened. I could not find any news of it being cancelled or put on hold.

work began in Feburary. The Court Square blog is the place to follow if you want updates on construction in this area.


good. goooood. (emperor Palpatine voice)

Now can we get this thread changed from Proposed to U/C!! :relaxed:

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I wonder why that photo of the site was reversed. Thought the name on the excavator looked funny!

The amount of growth currently underway in LIC is insane. Was in Court Square on Friday and both the Rockrose and Heatherwood buildings are nearing completion, making big marks on the skyline, but the number of lots with visible activity when viewed from above is simply staggering – there seems to be 1+ projects on every block!

:slight_smile: Moved it to u/c. Man, so many tower u/c. We need more!!!

this is amazing. We all basically forgot about a 580 foot 50 plus Story building… that is U/C! Only reason I realized it existed was because I was looking through SLCE’s portfolio on their site and was like WTF is this. Literally no updates from here or major blogs (Curbed, NYWired, Yimby, etc) for well over a year.

Just shows how crazy the boom is. Heck 10 years ago this tower would have been followed very closely no matter where it was built.

if the decided to tear down MSG, would it make sense to move the Knicks to LIC?

I did this rough guide on ssp, so I’ll just post it here as well:

LIC Status (A rough guide)

This project should be in the stages of construction by now. Excavation has been occuring for the last couple of months.

Its just one of many for the LIC area.

We have:

  1. 29-32 Northern Blvd | 473 FT | 44 FLOORS (u/c)
  2. 27-21 44th Drive | 307 FT | 27 FLOORS (u/c)
  3. 28 on 28th (42-12 28th Street) | 647 FT | 58 FLOORS (u/c)
  4. 43-25 Hunter Street | 509 FT | 50 FLOORS (u/c)
  5. 23-01 42nd Rd | 481 FT | 44 FLOORS (u/c)
  6. Tishman Towers | 590 + 504 + 374 FT | 53 + 44 + 33 FLOORS (u/c)
  7. 44-28 Purves Street | 386 FT / 117 M | 35 FLOORS (u/c)
  8. 27-19 44th Drive (44-12 Purves St) | 302 FT | 27 FLOORS (u/c)
  9. 42-10 27th Street | 212 FT | 20 FLOORS (u/c)
  10. 27-17 42nd Road | 258 FT | 25 FLOORS (u/c)

Add this project and where up to 11 really noticeable towers.

Some of the noticable ones under contruction. I may be missing some but just as an idea.

AND this isn’t even the whole thing as there are a slew of proposals for the area and dozens of mid rises. Not to mention a super tall. Just for LIC!



progress photos from the Court Square Blog, Rebar - can’t wait for this to start shooting up!


June, 24, 2016


And now for some photos from this morning



From last night


Love the shots. I think the next LIC will be in the S.Bronx. Only a matter of time really before that borough explodes in development. We are already starting to see the early stages of it with affordable housing being proposed and in the works.

Queens also down the line might have the Sunnyside Yards as a potential hot spot. I expect LIC to continue to have a flurry of activity. One the current crop of towers finishes, it will only add fuel to the densification of the area, and the purchasing of parcels once deemed as warehouses.