Manchester | embankment west | 107m + 83m | 351 ft + 273 ft | 12 + 25 + 34 floors

Residential complex comprising of 12, 25 and 34 floors rising up to a maximum height of 107m.

Planning application:

Embankment West added in by myself (credit to AnIco for the photo and AJD1984 for adding the rest of the buildings in):


Manchester is booming! Great to see :smiley:

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I’ve recently visited London and Leeds and there’s no doubt that there is far more newbuild residential and commercial development in Manchester/Salford than the aforementioned cities. Salford developments are mostly within the inner ring road and the City Centre is organically growing as a result. Contrast this renaissance with the situation twenty years ago when the area within the inner ring road was punctuated by urban dereliction and ugly surface car parks. The City central population in those days was around 1000 whereas today it is 30-35,000.:grinning:


#New Render Revealed

Revealed by the developers, this render taken from further down Cathedral Approach (a bridge which spans over to what use to be Exchange Station before being demolished) gives a look at the final approved design. The density of this area has improved greatly since surface car parks littered the area no more than three years ago, with even the shorter 83m twin hiding behind Citysuites. The slender profile contrasts greatly against the bulk of the blocks infront, as well as leading the eye further into Greengate where taller towers are to rise such as the slender double layer cladded Exchange Court.

The contrast between Embankment West with City Suites and 101/100 Embankment (linked beneath) in both cladding, colour and form compliments them greatly whilst the tower is framed into a canyon. The light materials of a more natural appearance against the shimmer of the black glass below is quite a site to behold.

The timescale of this build will be quite a long process, due to both the current area being construction heavy with lack of space for equipment as well as the demolition of a large one storey block whose structure is currently as one with the train viaduct passing over. Despite the sites tight and tricky spot, the developer has had a fantastic track record in the city so far, so hopes are held quite high with Embankment West going ahead.

Taken by myself from Cathedral Approach on the site of 101 Embankment showing what an impact Embankment West will have on the area compared to its current state:

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