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This thread is dedicated to the general summary and updates of Londons projects and proposals including public transport and infrasture news.

Larger projects will be linked to their individual thread for more indepth information, whereas smaller projects and news updates will be found here.

#52 Lime Street | The Scalpel | 192M | 630FT | 39 FLOORS

Height - 192m / 630ft

Floors - 39

Cost - £500million

Space - 414,900 Sqft / 38,545 Sqm

Use - Commercial

Architects - Kohn Pederson Fox

Developer - WRBC Development UK Ltd

Website -

Expected Completion - Late 2017

#One Nine Elms | 200M + 161M | 656FT + 528 FT | 58 + 43 FLOORS

Cost - £900 Million

Height - 200m + 161m / 656ft + 528ft

Use - Residential and Hotel

Developer - Wander Group

Architects - KPF

Website -

Expected Completion - 2019

#60-70 St Mary Axe | The Can of Ham | 90M | 295FT | 18 FLOORS

#1 Undershaft | 290M | 951ft | 73 FLOORS

Height - 290m / 951ft

Floors - 73 floors

Space - 414,900 Sqft / 130,000 Sqm

Use - Commercial

Architects - Eric Parry

#100 Bishopsgate | 172M | 564FT | 38 FLOORS

Height - 172m / 564ft

Use - Commercial Office

Space - 944,800 Sqft / 87,775 Sqm

Developer - Brookfield

Architects - Allies and Morrison Woods Bagot

Website -

Expected Completion - 2018

#One Blackfriars | The Boomerang | 163M | 535FT | 52 FLOORS

Height - 163m / 535ft

Use - Residential

Developer - St George PLC and Berkeley Group

Architects - SimpsonHaugh and Partners

Website -

Expected Completion - 2018

The next London thread will be quite a beefy building.

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Thanks, Stig.

Did you ever post London photos?

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London is getting a whole bunch of beautiful towers! I wish newyork can get some more of these…

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London’s Skyline is growing!!

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I have indeed! I’ve posted construction photos on all of the London threads we currently have as per the below. Photos from London will be a never ending stream as I visit there quite a few times a year :slight_smile:

The Scalpel

Dollar Bay

One Blackfriars

Millwall Docks

Facing towards Canary Wharf Central with Baltimore Wharf to the right:

Greenwich Park

You can see Baltimore Wharf along with the rest of Canary Wharf

1 Undershaft

This site is currently home to the St Helens Tower

One Nine Elms

100 Bishopsgate


Great updates, Stig!

PS: can you make a London photo thread – not just of new buildings – but of older areas like Chelsea, Mayfair, etc?

#LONDON | 22 Bishopsgate | 278M | 912FT | 62 FLOORS

Height - 278m / 912ft

Floors - 62

Space - 1,375,000 Sqft / 128,000 Sqm

Use - Commercial

Architects - PLP Architecture

Developer - Lipton Rogers + AXA Real Estate

Expected Completion - 2019


Great update, Stig!

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Constructing_london: Bloomberg place



Aesthetically, London blows NY out of the water.

agreed, the City will have the most futuristic looking skyline in a few years. It’s a shame about ‘The Pinnacle’ being downgraded to a massive slab however.

To me, it’s not just about the skyscrapers. Overall, NY’s new towers are just as good, if not better than London’s.

However, In London, unlike NY, Everything is so well maintained, and shit gets redeveloped.

Just consider these hideous eyesores on NY’s most prestigious avenue. They would have been developed long ago in London, but in NY, they will be cancers on Fifth for years to come.

Also, NY refuses to embrace change for the better. As Janet Siddiq-Kahn noted, Fifth Ave should be reduced to two lanes for buses only and landscaped and pedestrianized. That great idea will never happen though.

I am stunned That this heinous pos is next to our greatest icon.


That last pic made me lose my breath in disgust. How is it possible that something so ugly can be allowed to stand next to the esb. Its like having the queen of england wearing the crown jewels but there is just a shitstain on the side of the crown. What a shame. NYC is ripe redeveloping I hope to see the day that will happen.

I agree, Robert. The POS next to the ESB is owned by an entity related to the Estate of Sol Goldman. Ironically, it can support a tower of around 250,000 sq feet (i.e., a 700-800’ hotel/resi). Thus, there’s incentive to develop it, yet the Estate just collects rent from the schlocky tenants.

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(The entirety of London is undergoing a boom)


A housing shortage actually leading to higher density development in areas that haven’t seen that before?? Go figure!

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The delayed Luton DART line, a people mover connecting Luton Airport Parkway on the Midland Main Line with London Luton Airport, is expected to have a ‘soft’ launch on 10 March, with full services set to follow ‘around the end of March’.

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A potential extension of Docklands Light Rail to Thamesmead, with a new tunnel under the River Thames.