NEW YORK | One United Nations Park (685 1st Ave) | 459 FT | 42 FLOORS

via DOB:

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Credit: 6sqft



That looks gorgeous! I assume it’s had a height increase due to the angular chunk on the side being added elsewhere to the building? I can’t tell as the render goes blurry when zoomed in.

It reminds me of New York version on Londons ‘The Scalpel’; formally known as 52 Lime Street:

Taken from the buildings website:


Good point, Stig.

The Scalpel reminds me of 10 HY, which is also by KPF.


Can I just take a moment to thank Chris for all these amazing updates haha. It’s great to see some of the smaller projects get some attention :wink:


Ty. :slight_smile:

Yeah theres so much going on that we tend to forget about the smaller ones. Its funny, because some of the smaller projects are 400 or so feet, and they just get lost. We even forget they are under construction, and some of the proposals I was surprised to find out where topped out or completed. Lots to manage.

Like this project.

Last update before the one today was foundation work, now its complete. A 300+ ft tower goes unnoticed.


Nice!! Me Likes. Cheers



That is definitely a height increase. My eyes may be deceiving me, but I swear when I zoom in, I see a 7 at the front.

VG found renderings of a surprisingly nice buikding to rise here. Not surprisingly, it won’t be built. This lame box will rise here. Too bad JDS and SHoP are not in charge.

this *was the parking lot behind the former ConEd site.

YIMBY Article

What a horrible black slab.

This is supposed to be designed by Richard Meier & Partners, so it will be very high quality/design. At least…

Yea, this tower is a bummer. This would have been a great opportunity to up the status design wise for the East Side to compliment SHoP’s beautiful copper twins.

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This is exactly like Solow’s black slabs that just went up near the bridge in the low 60s. So basic and unimaginative.


Why are there 2 threads for this buidling? shouldn’t we just continue the discussion on the existing thread? NEW YORK | 685 First Ave | 459 FT | 42 FLOORS

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I’m not exited about this wasted opportunity.

Shelly Solow is a Shmuck.