NEW YORK | Hudson 36 (515 W 36th St) | 418 FT | 38 FLOORS

First Look At 515 West 36th Street, Hudson Yards’ Newest Residential Tower

Here’s my HY map. It needs some updating. Lol. The parcel is in Yellow developed by Lelezarian. Looks like the parking lot could be part of assemblage.


I live in Honolulu and have been working in Waikiki the past few days(usually I dont go all the way through Honolulu) so I have been making the drive through Honolulu.

There have to be 15+ developments around this scale, its a sea of cranes. . Now Honolulu will never have a supertall because laws that prevent buildings from blocking the mountains, but within a decade we will have a 4-5 mile stretch about 3/4 mile wide with very dense 300-400 footers.

Alot of cool architecture too. They can be a bit more free due to the tropical vibe and the climate makes it easy to maintain open designs.

Honolulu in my opinion is a very underrated U.S. city and I think it deserves more recognition. Lots of activity there. I know you guys have towers like Keauhou Place, Sympony, and the Ritz Carlton to name a few that are over 400 ft u/c.

Quite a high rise city really. And a lot of people forget that fact too. :frowning:

Waikiki portion on skyline

This is the downtown portion of city, Waikiki resort on condo high rises are off the picture to the right.

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Excavation started.


Nice! Looking forward watching the developments along the boulevard form.

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Lots of excavation still going on. This site was very busy even for a Saturday. More equipment on site.

It is hard to figure out what is going on for this block. But I think that lot with the hosfelt gallery on the satelite view will be destroyed for the continuation of hudson blvd. as well as the site where manhattan aquariums is. The site next to the aquarium which used to be a garage I think is now part of the assemblage and they are excavating that too. This makes sense for that oeiginal render above and on site which shows this tower right on hudson blvd.

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More digging as of aug 4th

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East side foundation has started.


Great to see this u/c. Another one of the countless 400-450 ft towers in and around the HY area.

At what point do you think we’ll see construction of the second part of the boulevard and park?





nice pics…that was quick

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Took a while for the foundation but they are rising fast now.



Initially, I was very excited by the HY. 10 and 30 HY have great designs, and the Girasole proposal looks great. Given Shop’s track record, one can only assume that they plan a landmark at 360 10th.

However, 50 HY sucks, and it caused my interest to dissipate somewhat.

I just hope that there’s not a rush to build any PoS, and we thereby lose a once in a lifetime opportunity.

This thing is heinous.

Jan 11

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This one may turn out boring but at least they are building fast! Concrete trucks lined up down the block into hudson blvd.