NEW YORK | 35 Hudson Yards | 1,009 FT | 72 FLOORS

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35 Hudson Yards ~ Equinox Tower


Official Name: 35 Hudson Yards
Complex Name: Hudson Yards
Former / Other Name: Equinox Tower, E Tower
Type: building
Status: Proposed
Country: United States
State: New York
City: New York City
Street Address: 11th Avenue & West 33rd Street (Map)
Building Function: residential / hotel
Proposed: 2012
Start of Construction: 2014
Completion: 2018
Official Website: Hudson Yards


Height: Architectural: 304.8 meter / 1000 feet
Height: To Tip: 304.8 meter / 1000 feet
Floors Above Ground: 79
No. of Apartments: 250
No. of Hotel Rooms: 150

Companies Involved

Owner: The Related Companies
Developer: Oxford Properties Group Inc.
Architect: Skidmore Owings & Merrill


(Likely outdated)

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Just want to say, thanks for adding a ‘forums’ link to your main Yimby Page :smile:

And here’s the new renders of the redesigned 15 and 35 Hudson Yards

Here’s some points I’ve noticed:

-The observation deck of 30HY is apparently 1,100 feet, and 35HY is pretty much the same height of it now
-15HY is quite a bit higher than Coach Tower now, does that make it a supertall now?

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Yes its a supertall. It meets the 300m or 1000 foot requirement. Its amazing to see all of these redesigns. All with greater height too! I think its difficult to realize how imposingly large these will be. Renderings can only do so much, but once they are u/c, its going to be very apparent. NYC is on its way to becoming the supertall capital. We have something like 7 supertalls which are in the preparation stage or u/c. A lot of them are also waiting to rise. If all goes well, by the end of 2015 or even the beginning of 2016, there may be well over 12 or so u/c. With the HY, keep in mind, this is only phase one. Phase two will probably surprise us with even more fantastic architecture.

The interesting part to note is that this city is building strictly on demand, which is a great distinction from the cities in China or around the world which built on pride, and wonder why there is such a high vacancy rate. Ghost towns essentially.


Permits Filed: 35 Hudson Yards, 1,009-Foot Office/Hotel/Condo Tower

Latest version at 55 Hudson Yards, rendering by Kohn Pedersen Fox – 35 HY at left

A new building permit application was filed this morning for 35 Hudson Yards, the Related/Oxford Properties-developed mixed-use tower set to rise at the southeastern corner of 33rd Street and 11th Avenue, a block south of the new 7 train terminus, near where Hudson Boulevard meets the public square below 33rd Street, with a legal street address of 532-560 West 33rd Street. According to the Schedule A filing, there would be six stories of office space, 217 hotel rooms (up from the 175 previously disclosed), and 135 condominium apartments.

The 1,000-foot-tall, 79-story tower has morphed into a 1,009-foot, 72-story one, per the filing, with a bit over 1 million square feet of total construction area, including common space and mechanicals that do not count towards zoning. The square footage for zoning purposes is, oddly, not listed, but the Schedule A filing provides some clues about the space breakdown.

The first floor would be consumed by lobbies, with retail on the second, fourth, and fifth. Six floors of office space – hitherto unannounced – would start on the eighth floor, with the hotel portion stretching from the 19th to the 29th (20 rooms per floor, except for the 27th which would have 17).

The apartments – condos, Related’s said in the past – would start on the 31st floor, with five each up to the 40th, four each from the 41st through 50th, three each from the 51st through the 60th, two each from the 61st through the 67th, and three full-floor penthouse units up through the 70th. Mechanical space or accessory office space would fill in the gaps, as well as the 71st floor.

The cylindrical tower would be designed by David Childs with SOM, and no groundbreaking date is set.



Great update, VG!

Are my eyes deceiving me or had this changed yet again?

Pic by me


Great photo, Chris!

Nice updates all around. Cheers!

Has the design changed again?

P.S.: I love the Phase 2 Office Tower!



Jan 27, 2016


Feb 26th

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March 16th


Is that above ground core I see??

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35 Hudson Yards

Looks taller than 1,009’


I agree. It appears to be the same height as Time Warner!

It definitely looks tall, although I think the perspective may be exaggerating it a bit. Still looks to me to be slightly lower than the 30 HY observation deck (which is right around 1100 ft.) Would be nice if someone has a photo of that model from another angle to confirm.

I think it’s the same height as before, that photo is just taken from a height-flattering perspective. Nevertheless fantastic. :thumbsup:

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