MANCHESTER | Trinity Islands | 5 Towers up to 213M | 699FT | 29-67 FLOORS

Proposed by Allied London

Designed by Child Graddon Lewis

Start date: 2019

[QUOTE=jrb;125051465]The 2 perspex models on display.

1 is St John’s and the other is Trinity Fields. Even though both say St John’s.


Previous Design:

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Good news! Looks like Allied London are still pressing ahead despite leaving the EU! This has been maming progress in the background, there has been further mentioning of a school in the building when i visited No1 Spinnigfields last week.

Take a look at @michaelingall’s Tweet:

Take a look at @no1spinningfds’s Tweet:

#Trinity Islands to helm Manchesters crown?

As updated by the developer, Mike Ingall, from Allied London, his latest update reveals new renders which appear to show the tallest tower rising 66 floors into the sky, meaning a potential second 200m tower in the city. The planning application is said to be madr public this coming December / January time.


Great projects, Stig!

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#Tower X to rise to Manchester top spot as planning application submitted

Allied Londons 5 tower complex as designed by CGL (Child Graddon Lewis) has been put forward to the council with the tallest tower proposed to reach 213m / 699ft at 67 storeys.

Upon completion, Manchester will have at least two 200m+ towers. Trinity Islands final height will be 12m taller than Owen Street of which is currently under construction.

Tower X looming

#The Site

The site as marked out in yellow will sit to the south west of the city:

#Massing Diagrams

East side view:

South side view:

#Massing Renders

East side view

Left - North Side Right - South Side:


From within the cluster:

Industrial Museum view (day):

Industrial Museum view (night):

Quay Street Bridge along the River Irwell (day):

Quay Street Bridge along the River Irwell (night):

A closer view from the River Irwell:

Details and renders on the podium will be revealed next week.


Nice project, Stig!!

PS: Solidarity with the U.K. On this tragic day.