MANCHESTER | Owen Street | 201 + 158 + 140 + 122M | 659 + 518 + 459 + 400FT | 64 + 50 + 44 + 37 FLOORS

Construction to start later this year on the shortest and tallest of the towers!

4 towers ranging in height upto 202m of 43, 48, 52 and 62 floors, which includes the first tower outside of London to breach the 200m mark in the UK

There are a few lower-rise buildings connecting the towers as well as a large public realm

Designed by Ian Simpson, the architect for Manchesters current tallest at 169m, The Beetham Tower. He also has a few other skyscrapers planned around Manchester for the next year or two of which I will share soon

[QUOTE=iwillo;129975364]Planning application due February 2016
Decision due June 2016

Subject to market conditions, Renaker is confident construction would start immediately.
Construction would be phased, with Tower 1 (tallest) and Tower 4 (Deansgate) leading, with the other towers following.

The buildings are classic Simpson, although with a slight twist: angled facades. These alternate between light and dark shades. There is also fritt pattern glass on alternate panels.

The scheme has been designed to appeal to both PRS and owner occupiers. Which way it goes will depend on final funding.

Chester Street and the second Greengate plot are still in design and won’t be submitted for planning until delivery on this site is secure.[/QUOTE]

Manchester future skyline, edited by me:

More screen-caps from the above video:

Leaked renders before todays official announcement:

Masterplan | Midtown

Floors: 5 (smallest)-58 (tallest) | No. of apartments: 3,663 | Developer: Renaker

Renaker have a good track record in Manchester with 2 of their projects U/C at 30 stories joined with 21 storey blocks

Full copy of the framework out for consultation.

Download Here
(18 MB)

Framework Area

More angles.


Thats crazy 200 meters outside of London? wow i’ll believe it when I see it. The designs are pretty sober almost boring tbh but it’s cool t see a skyline developing outside of London.

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Here are some sketches, diagrams and more renderings:


Looks like these towers are one step closer to rising! The temporary surface car park is closing for good this coming Sunday to make way for site prep:



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And ground works have started on site with the digging up of the car park. Here we go lads!




Planning documents are up! I will be posting all the renders and cladding details in around 10-12 hours time for you guys as well as skyline and streetscape mockups of my own. Just a bit of information whilst you wait, the glass cladding is section into multiple colours and materials to enhance the sharpness and angles of the buildings, its subtly done, but looks gorgeous.

Tallest to shortest:

201m 64 floors
158m 50 floors
140m 37 floors
122m 44 floors

Further phases included a 38 and a 26 storey tower, so these wont be alone for long, nevermind the neighboring developments.

EDIT: I’m currently working on a timelapse for this tower which is taking quite a bit of time, so you’ll have to bare with me.


Taken by me yesterday of the plot of the tallest tower.

As you can see they have started digging through what appears to be clay. Around the corner were workers sorting out the drains of the surrounding roads in preperation.

Beetham looms behind ready to be overtaken whilst the Spinningfields core rises to the left.

More to come, so stay tuned!


Nice to see excavation to start!


Manchesters tallest proposal gains approval!

Manchesters future tallest building gained approval earlier this afternoon in a meeting with the city council. The building will not only be the tallest in Manchester, but the tallest building in the UK outside of London.

With the pace of this progress on this build, upon completion it will rank 5th tallest building in the UK depending on the progress on Londons other builds, of which appear to be lagging behind.

In regards to rankings of UK buildigs heights, below I have listed the future top 5:

  1. The Shard - 309m

  2. One Canada Square - 235m

  3. Sales Force Tower - 230m

  4. 122 Leadenhall - 225m

  5. Owen Street - 201m

Below is a tweet by the developers themselves, confirming the 66 (including 2 basement floors) storey tower has indeed been approved.

Despite local backlash from NIMBYs, the planning department described the future glass giants as ‘icons’ for such an up and coming area.

Although the council approved the complex with required ‘provisions’, this will not hault construction nor does it mean any height being chopped off, it purely means the developer will have to contribute funding towards public ammenities in the local area. Whether such provisions are for aiding public transport, public spaces or even road networks remains to be unknown as of yet, however with Renekars overall masterplan for the area, the contributions may be included within future phases of the area themselves.

Clearly Manchesters ambition is being expressed by the proud developers, architects and council of the city. It’s only a matter of time until the skyline is changed forever, setting a precedent for the rest of the country to aspire to.

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Taken by me from the 23rd floor of the 50 storey Beetham tower. For your reference, the orange digger is digging on the plot of Tower A, the tallest tower:

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A GIF I made using one of the renders form the planning application showing roughly what the future construction of the towers will look like:


Nice project, Stig.

PS: did you ever post any London photos?

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I’ve posted a few projects, more are to follow, I haven’t forgotten about them :slight_smile:

#First Tower Crane Erected for Owen Street

Tower 4 of the Owen Street mega development is soon to be on the rise now that the first tower crane has been erected.

To stand to the far west at 44 storeys, tower 4 will be the 3rd tallest tower to rise at the complex. With the core nearing ground level, Manchester skyline is expected to change dramatically over the next few years with multiple towers to rise, including at least two 200m / 600ft giants.

The next tower crane to arrive on site will do so later on this month, which is said to rise to a final height of 216m / 708ft to construct the tallest tower of 201m in height. Ground works are well underway here, being just a number of months behind tower 4.

Expect a sea of cranes to rise, varying in altitude above the current plateau in the near future.

Left to Right of Aeriel Video TVs tweet below: Tower 4 with newly erected crane, green mobile crane will become open space plaza, far right are foundation works for the tallest element to start rising early 2017.

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Good news, It’s a huge site.

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Indeed it is! And to say this is just one large site out of many in this area, it will be impressive in a few years time.

#Tallest and Shortest Tower Well Underway

An article in Place North West has been released based on my photos of Manchesters construction progress.

More in the link below:

Photos by me:

The shorter tower up close on floor 10 below the core mechanism. The tallest tower is rising towards the rear:

You can see the core rising in the distance to the left of Wilburn St:

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