MANCHESTER | Norton Court | 110M + 45M | 361FT + 148FT | 34 + 14 FLOORS


Now don’t go drooling on me guys, massing blocks for future developments.

Elevation diagrams displaying future neighboring projects:


Original image: AnIco[/QUOTE]

New renders revealed!

Construction is said to commence this June, with completion predicted for December 2017.

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I was just exploring in street view and was pleasantly surprised by the density and cityscape of Manchester.
It’s great to see them building taller there too!

I’ve always wanted to visit the UK! I love the charm.

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Indeed Manchester is very dense, and with the upcoming giants to arise in the city over the new few years I recon it may be able to compete with London

I have now added yet another 110m and 57m tall proposal to my version of Mancs future skyline:

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Wow, that is some great density! Do you have a shot of what it looks like now to compare with?

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Sure! Here are some shots of Manchester’s skyline at the moment:

Zoom in:
Manchester and the Pennines in Snow by Oliver Thompson, on Flickr

Salford Quays, a city within Manchester of each is slowly by surely joining up with the city centre: