The Dragon's City of Lego

Greetings and welcome everyone to my or the Dragon’s City of Lego. :slight_smile:

This is my dimension, my home, of where I build Lego models of incredible landmarks, structures or monuments that I like and even my invented machines.

I began to build them since 2003 in two dimensions, but now I have and live in one.
However, as years pass by, my skills are evolving. And so as my knowledge and ability to hunt sources, images, measurements, and rare infos and facts of certain buildings. And with a more elaborate Lego Line Gauges or Lego Rulers, I started to build new ones as accurate as possible, but not very detailed or exactly like the real buildings.

I’ve built many models actually, but all of them were dismantled for other constructions. Some however were rebuilt, for example the Empire State Building. I’ve rebuilt for a second time. And now, the last version is my third time, on 4 meter scale, and the most beautiful I’ve ever done.

In fact it’s been a long while that I haven’t build any new model with Lego since 2009 I think, but after graduating at FAAP in Visual Arts in São Paulo City on December 2015, my will and pleasure to draw things and build with Lego pieces have returned! :smiley:

Nowadays, after building the original World Trade Center complex on 3.125 meter scale, I am building new models and rebuilding some on 4 meter scale. And as now they are more defying than ever, I’m also reasearching, drawing, calculating, thinking, planning for each of them on papers. And also, enjoying the fun that these challenging constructions bring to me. :slight_smile:

All of you, feel free to visit and comment here. ^^
And let’s keep in touch on Yimby watching the incredible towers rising from certain places of the world, including the amazing “City of Beacons”, a nickname I chose for New York City. :smile:


My very first Lego World Trade Center complex (the original)!

I decided to build the whole complex with seven buildings because of the documentary “Man on Wire”. It all happened when I watched the Academy Awards on TV with my family and saw that documentary win the Oscar on February 2009! And then, my dad and I watched together on DVD!
I love that documentary and that incredible and real story of Philippe Petit!

This model doesn’t exist anymore. However, before I dismantled it to rebuild it, I made these two videos to never forget it and for anyone like you guys want to see how it was. :slight_smile:


This is Lego Sydney Harbour Bridge.

It was built in 2008 to honor the trip with my dad in the same year to Australia and New Zealand. We also visited one of the bridge’s pylons which had a small museum and nice views up there and we dared to make the BridgeClimb (we even got and have our certificates to prove it. I bet you guys would love to try it! It’s quite a challenge! It also presents great views on top of the arch as well!).
It was our first trip of father and son out of Brazil. It was very important, awesome and a wonderful trip. That’s why I never want to dismantle this Lego model. :relieved:

Furthermore, I built this bridge like the original, by beginning from the two pylons and then connect them to form the arch bridge, but I used Lego supporting pieces or pillars under them so it won’t keep falling on the floor until their connected, heheheh.
Shame that I didn’t care about taking pictures during construction at that time.



These are really cool.

Plus I used to have that exact model SR-71 blackbird!


Really? Great to know that, JC_Heights!
And thank you. :slight_smile:

On this day (July 19, 2016), I found my mini albums with very old photos of my first Lego models, including my first Empire State Building, Chrysler Building and the Twin Towers!
I will post them here, but I’ll have to try and scan them first.
Stay in touch everyone ^^


I’m so happy to present here to all of you my first models of Lego that I made in 2003. I thought I lost these photos, but I manage to find them and guard them safely from now on. These models were my beginning of my talents with lego bricks and pieces.

Oh memories of our lives in the past. How powerful they remain to every kind of being for us all in the world, especially when they’re saved in the minds, pictures, diaries, journals, or any kind of way to guard them.

My first attempt was to build the Chrysler and Empire State Buildings. Then, later on, I decided to build buildings of New York (especifically from Manhattan) that called my attention.
All of these pictures were taken on April 17, 2003. It was a beautiful and bright sunny day in São Paulo City. :slight_smile:

From left to right on the table:
Woolworth Building; 40 Wall Street or the Trump Building; Flatiron Building; Grand Central Terminal; 30 Rockfeller Plaza; the Twin Towers; and the Empire State Building.
On my hands is the Chrysler Building.


I couldn’t find any pictures of all models of Lego I’ve built in the past, including the Petronas Towers, Sears (now Willis) Tower, and John Hancock Center.
But at least I found these ones.

The Parthenon.
Behind it were: the White House (although it wasn’t white my model); Houses of Parliament and Big Ben; the Leaning Tower of Pisa; and a bit part of the Willis (Sears) Tower.

The Sultan Ahmet Mosque or the Blue Mosque of Istanbul.
Next to it at the left side was part of the Petronas Towers.

The Leaning Tower of Pisa.
Behind it were: Edifício Itália (Portuguese for Italy Building); Eiffel Tower; bit of Lego pieces on top of an object to put the really small model not made of Lego of Christ the Reddemer statue; and Chrysler Building.

Houses of Parliament and Big Ben.

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These videos were made during the construction of my Ultimate Lego World Trade Center (the original). :slight_smile:

Furthemore, I post them here, especially the last video, on this day (June 23, 2016) to celebrate the great news of 3WTC’s concrete core finally complete to the top! :smile:

The album for these videos is “My Ultimate LEGO World Trade Center (2015 - 2016)” on YouTube channel.


I think this would be your dream job:

I bet they make really good money too. Like imagine a 90k salary, benefits, and your main job would be to build lego models for theme parks, stores, and events. For some, I’d imagine its a dream. Kinda like the guy who test drives Ferraris for a living.

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Thanks for the link and info, Chris.
I tried by sending an email with pictures of my models to and they replied kindly and saying that they had to refuse my offer to get a sponsorship. They also said that everyone wants that as well, if they do with me, they have to do with everyone in the world.

I’m not sure if THAT on the link is my dream, Chris. Still, who knows? I’ll keep building Lego models, drawing, painting and making more arts as an artist and keep going forward with my talents and see what will happen to me. And when I do, I shall give my news in here for you all to know. :slight_smile:


This was one of my machines of the past!

Meet the FalconFire!


This was one of my machines of the past!

Meet the Scorpion!


Hey everyone!!
Happy 4th of July!!
And may your American night be stunning, enjoyable and beautiful, including in NYC!!


While the Lego Willis (Sears) Tower is still under construction and I think I finished the plans for the Lego Chrysler Building, now I’m working hard for the plans for the New World Trade Center complex to be build in my room in the future. And it’s being quite of a challenge! ^^

It’s planned to be build in the same scale as the ESB, Willis and Chrysler: 4 meter scale.

That’s me researching, drawing, calculating and thinking on my plans for One World Trade Center with Judith Dupré’s incredible book! This picture was taken by my dad on May! ^^

And these are some of the pictures of my progress for One World Trade Center.

Its spire is the only part I could build! Now it’s ready and waiting to be installed! ^^

More pictures are still to come


That’s freaking awesome!!!

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Thanks a lot, Thomas! ^^

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I know it’s being so long since I post news here, is because I’m a guy who waits until he feels it’s time to post the news. ^^

Now then, I’m almost done with the plans for the Lego New World Trade Center. The plans and measurements for the site are finished, but there are still loose ends to be tied in this moment.

So far, I could finish the plans for One WTC, 7WTC and the 9/11 Memorial and Museum.

I’m just gathering the new black bricks for the Memorial Pools, because… well, to me there’s no other way to build them not being their original colors in this matter. :relieved:

Even though is not certain, I wanted to find a way to draw and plan the Lego model for Lord Foster’s 2WTC! And I did it! But until the news of Tower 2’s fate, I can’t built it right away. And even if that design isn’t chosen, I’m still happy that I could find some estimates, learn more about it, and built on my papers. :slight_smile:
I will post the plans for Lord Foster’s Tower 2, so don’t worry!!

And about the other design, I can’t draw plans for BIG’s design because I’m having a feeling that some features or looks of the tower will change, even a bit. So I’m waiting to be sure, then I’ll start planning and drawing it.

I left empty spaces for Performing Arts Center (PAC) and 5WTC to built until their official designs are released to the public eyes.

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Right now, I’m building the Willis (Sears) Tower! And gladly, it’s going well high up thanks to my very old bricks in my drawers and new bricks bought! And my Operation: Brick Substitute really worked successfully! I substituted the square bricks with the cilindrical ones under the buildings of the original World Trade Center! It was very hard, and I ran the risk of knocking or destroying those buildings during the operation! Unfortunatelly, all the cilindrical bricks were used, and only remains the suqare bricks under the Austin J. Tobin Plaza! But I’ll get and gather more of them when I get more Lego boxes 10963. :slight_smile:

The tower is currently over 50 floors and close to the 66th floor, that’s where another two “tubes” stop!

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