The Dragon's City of Lego

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This is different, but a skyscraper matter. ^^

This is one plate of three which forms my work of art I named “A passion”. It was done in this year 2016 for an exhibition of graduated students of Visual Arts from FAAP in São Paulo City. It was a success and great with my six artist friends. Now my work is safe and exhibited in my home.


This is how they were exhibited in Edifício Lutetia (or Lutetia Building) at the 2nd floor. We as a group decided to name the exhibit “Sala” (or “Room”).

1.3 meters high (from the floor to the base of each plate)
36 centimeters between Plate I and Plate II
And 30 centimeters between Plate II and Plate III

This is the Plate I (1994)

My messages are written in Portuguese, so I wrote them here in English for you all. :slight_smile:

"New York City
I was 2 years old
I can’t remember how it was
Many years later,
I searched for the pictures of the trip
There are few,
and none of them with the Twin
The World Trade Center

I don’t have any physical evidence,
but I have mental evidences,
especially from my dad
I believe in my dad
Me and my family went to the
World Trade Center
We entered the South Tower,
and visited the 107º floor"

I’ll post the next Plates in time. :wink:



Let’s all of us remember the 15 Years since 9/11/2001.


A passion (9/11/2016)

In three parts.

Based on my work of art “A passion” with the same messages I wrote in it and translated from Portuguese to English

The Ultimate Lego World Trade Center (the original)

“To remember the 15 years since the 9/11/2001”


Part 1 of the Lego Willis (Sears) Tower Progress

It’s been so long, guys. :slight_smile:

The news is that the construction of this skyscraper was really cool and challenging. ^^

I had setbacks with choosing the right pieces in many moments of the progress, and with the real remaining setbacks at the end of the construction! But I managed to deal with them. Phew…
Here are some but many shots of the progress.

Now this picture shows a red Lego Box lid, you see? In it are lots of pieces that I could get under the Ultimate Lego World Trade Center. It was really a challenge, especially trying not to knock out any Twin Tower during this process. I called it “Operation: Brick Substitute”, because I could substitute the needed pieces with the never used pieces. There are still needed pieces under the WTC Plaza, but I need a bunch of never used pieces to make this same operation again.
Also, this shot shows the stopping of the first two “tubes” of the tower. In other words, the 50th Floor.


Part 2 of the Lego Willis (Sears) Tower Progress

Continuing from the previous part, here are more pictures of its progress along the way up! ^^

The Empire State Building at the right.

This shot shows the 66th Floor. In this moment, I had four “tubes” done and five to go!

From this point, I had some difficulties in choosing the right pieces to continue the construction. So I took some time switching and deciding piece by piece. After that, I continued on. You can some differences between these two pictures below.

To be continued…


This is pretty cool. Relating to models.


Pretty cool indeed! Thanks, Chris!