Minecraft: New York 1995

Hello! I want to thank IhateUSsteel for introducing me to these forums, and I feel like they would be a good place to share my historical digital recreations as well. As opposed to the 40’s - 60’s however, I am working on a bit more modern time, but still old enough to have some curiosities. I want to start by showing some pictures of the ‘NoMad’ area from the era, specifically showcasing areas that have significantly changed since the 90’s.



Great to see you’re on here now, I love your project and it’ll be good to be able to check in to see updates here (depending on how often you post)


Here are some Broadway curiosities, between 29th and 30th streets, opposite the ‘Gilsey House’ hotel.

These buildings were demolished in 2015, but I really fancy them because they are some of the few buildings in Midtown that are completely misaligned with the street grid.
The alley behind:

Here is an aerial image from 1996, courtesy of NYC.gov:

And June 2019, courtesy of Google street view:


Welcome to the YIMBY family!

Its quite impressive, the mine craft recreations of cities. How long would something like this to make? Either way, I’m sure it requires great dedication and attention to detail as its quite evident. :beer:

In any case, welcome!


I’ve been working on this current project, on and off, since November 2015. Thank you very much for the welcome!


Nice bro! I’m doing the Upper East Side!, I created a topic on it if ya wanna see. But this is really nice man! Lot of detail