Minecraft Project: Midtown Manhattan 1:1 Scale Replica

This topic revolves around my Midtown Manhattan Project on Minecraft Xbox One Edition which was started on June 10th 2018. My goal is to replicate the area from 25th Street to 34th Street, and 1st Ave to 5th Ave. This first screenshot was taken June 15 2018: Looking West down 30th Street from Park ave (near beginning of project) I still have yet to add the traffic lights and street signs. KEEP IN MIND, THIS PROJECT IS 100% ACCURATE ! (Xbox One gamertag is BookishAlarm11)

One of my favorite parts about Manhattan is the perspective of seeing the foreground buildings, and behind them the highrises as you can see below with the Skyhouse Building (yes thats actually the name) in the back. It gives a good perspective of the traditional setup of Manhattan!

This is the last pic as of June 18 2018, I’ll post more soon once more progress is made

Ok guys so since my last post I added around 20 more buildings, one of which is the Emmet Building (the first Neo Gothic style building in the project so far) seen below on the right

And then right here is a view looking through some of the buildings on 30th Street between Lexington and Park (don’t know the names) to see some more buildings in the back

And then lastly, here’s a view looking West down 30th Street from Lexington Avenue

Alright everybody, so I got some more screenshots for you guys. They’re mainly just apartment buildings, townhouses, and small buildings. Still accurate of course but nothingwell known. PLEASE BE SURE TO LET ME KNOW WHAT YOU THINK IN THE COMMENTS!!!

Added 192 Lexington Avenue

Looking west down 30th street to Park Ave!

First Moravian Church Lexington Avenue and 30th Street (on left below)

The rest of the screenshots will just be random screenshots of views I found nice! Stay tuned. BE SURE TO LEAVE YOUR THOUGHTS IN THE COMMENTS THANKS!!!:grin:

The circled area below is what I currently have completed as of July 25th 2018

Construction site on 30th street

sorry its been a while, heres a couple more screenshots


Moving away from the Eastern part of the Midtown area, ive now made it to the Korea Town area of Midtown near the Empire State Building


For something a bit different, I thought I’d post some pics of the real life versions of the area I’m building…


Sorry for not posting in a while guys, I haven’t been able to build as much because of school and Church, but Im back with two more screenshots…Screenshot_20180906-065801_Gallery Screenshot_20180906-065421_Gallery


Been doing more modern buildings lately like this nice one, 325 5th ave…


I’m currently building 432 Park, but due to the building limit I can’t build every floor, but it has the 5 drum sections


Bro thats awesome!!! I’ll actually be posting more soon, stay tuned


Finally back with more progress!!!
Additions: more blocks/Buildings on Madison Ave

Screenshot_20190105-172337 Screenshot_20190105-172512_Gallery


Great stuff! Btw I added you on Xbox

Finished 432 Park. Here’s what it would look like if there was no building limit


Ladies and gentleman, its finally here!!! I got the Empire State Building at last. Do to height limit, I couldn’t fit the entire Building, but here it is guys, the most famous building in the world, the Empire State Building!!!

The reason the ESB is such a masterpiece because it was nicely built as the tallest building in the world, very quickly, during the great depression, with only 1 death, and without the modern Building tactics…