Pedestrianize NYC

Here is a rendering of the proposed arch - It built, will look great


And here is the failed Sunset Park project



That first image is not a rendering at all. Thats the Chinatown Friendship Gate in Philadelphia


@TK2000 Oh well, I took the image descriptor for face value…
I have to say, I was impressed by the “rendering” quality

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lol i was gonna say, that’s the best rendering i’ve ever seen!


Yea I saw the image, read the caption, and IMMEDIATELY said no. I’m not always near the Chinatown Friendship Gate in Philly, but I know that’s it. How the website screwed that up…I just cannot find a reason for that

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Welcome to artificial intelligence.

To go off on a brief tangent with this thread just for fun. There is good reason to have ‘confidence’ in your predictions if you have made a sufficient amount observations to support your conclusion. However, beware of ’absolute certainty’ . Everything is defeasible. Here, let Sabine better explain.

FROM THE ARTCLE: Dec 25. 2022
A total of $5 million, the largest allocation from the award, will support the renovation of Kimlau Square, a pedestrian plaza and greenspace that sits at the convergence of Worth, Oliver, and Mott Streets, Park Row, St. James Place, and East Broadway. The renovations will create additional seating, irrigation for greenery, and an expansion of the curb along East Broadway for pedestrian safety.

I wonder what happened to this.

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Today (sorry for being off topic)


Abolitionist Place is open


Really Awesome!

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Here’s what is going on in a Queens neighborhood.


I’m questioning why we should be paying for entertainment on this street.

Why not? Public funds are used all over the place for art, and other forms of entertainment. Why not in Queens in one of the most diverse communities on the planet?


If you’re going to pay entertainers do it in parks and buildings.

you realize this street is now a park… so you agree with chused lol

They are currently campaigning to turn the street into a park. This has not happened yet.