NEW YORK | Greenery on Fifth Ave | Pro

There’s a plan by the Fifth Avenue Association to make Fifth green like Michigan Ave. I think that this would be amazing if it ever happened.



What a fantastic idea. I really hope both this and Macy’s plan to pedestrianize Broadway at Herald Square are approved. Next up should be expanding the Park Avenue medians and removing cars from Vanderbilt Avenue and the Park Avenue viaduct. The Post is litter box liner.


I agree.


The NY Post article is such garbage commentary. It’s embarrassing.

That said, I prefer the Fifth Ave. Association plan over the current city plan. I hope the Association plan wins out. Looks great!


I’ve only read the first three paragraphs and I’m immediately frustrated with the anti-pedestrian tone this article takes. I love America but can we PLEASE stop worshipping cars over people!

Let’s put aside the health, cultural and sustainability benefits for a second and say, “This will INCREASE business for everyone on 5th ave.” Meanwhile the business owners are bellyaching that it’s bad for their bottom lines. This isn’t some revolutionary concept that hasn’t been tried before. Countless cities around the world have done this to immeasurable success.

Mark my words, this will succeed and then business owners who aren’t on 5th ave will complain that it worked TOO well and now it’s syphoning business away from them.

Also, shame on the author of this article for perpetuating the typical North American, anti-pedestrian rhetoric. It’s easy to see how people who are less informed about good city planning could read this article and think the reduction in car traffic is actually a BAD thing.


Bear in mind that the NYPost is one of the most inane rags in existence. It makes Fox News seem erudite by comparison.


So did this ever happen? Or has there been any news on it?