NEW YORK | Park Avenue Redesign

A major construction project at Grand Central Terminal is giving the city the chance to restore Park Avenue’s malls to their former glory.

MIDTOWN MANHATTAN, NY — Work is set to begin on a massive, 20-year project to rebuild parts of Grand Central Terminal, and the construction may give the city the chance to restore Park Avenue to its former glory.

As the name suggests, Park Avenue was once home to wide, plant-covered pedestrian malls, but the medians were narrowed in 1927 to add extra lanes of car traffic.

> Starting early next year, the $2 billion rehabilitation of the Grand Central train shed will force the city to tear up a stretch of the avenue as they repair tunnels and the 1.8-mile Park Avenue viaduct.
> That provides an opportunity to reimagine a stretch of Park Avenue between Grand Central and 57th Street, including the possibility of widening the malls to allow pedestrian access once again.

An online portal launched last Monday by the Department of Transportation gives an overview of the avenue’s history, lists some possible improvements and includes a survey where New Yorkers can weigh in on which version they like best.

Options include leaving the medians as-is, expanding them slightly, or expanding them significantly to add walkable paths, public art, events, tables and chairs, concessions and even bike lanes.

The MTA’s Grand Central repairs will disrupt Metro-North train service and close some streets and sidewalks along the avenue, starting with East 47th and 48th streets. The train shed needs repairs because its metal and concrete have been worn down over the years by water and de-icing chemicals, according to officials.

  1. Re-imagining Park Avenue | Projects & Initiatives

Park Avenue seen in April during the coronavirus pandemic. The city is asking residents to weigh in about possibly widening its pedestrian malls during a major construction project.



Can download the PDF: NYC Documents | Projects & Initiatives

" emgg-concept-plan-map-2019-01-09.pdf " in the link


I am a car guy but city streets should be pedestrians 1st so this idea seems pretty good and more trees is never a bad thing.


Robert is going to love this.

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I think it would be fun to walk up the middle of Park. Probably safer to avoid cars making turns etc.


You can, between East Ninety-sixth and East Ninety-seventh streets.

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I used to do that when I went to Sinai Dental. It’s nice.


Great news. I’d love to see wider, greener sidewalks on Madison, 5th, and 6th also (and then on all avenues and major E-W cross-streets).