NOTTINGHAM | Maid Marian House | 25M | 82FT | 7 FLOORS

Height - 25m / 82ft

Space - 94 student residential apartments

Use - Student accommodation

Developer - Fortis Developments

Architects - DMS Architecture

Website -

Expected Completion - 2016

Sitting upon Maid Marian Way (that’s right, Nottingham has an avenue named after the legends wife herself), Maid Marian House consists of a two storey extension to the original 60’s 5 storey build. Although the design of the additional floors is nothing to shout home about, it is in-keeping with the rest of the build with it’s horizontal lines emphasising each floor along with its facade, as well as complimenting its historic red brick surroundings. The roof also adds a finish to the overall design, giving it a satisfying ‘beginning, middle and an end’ in a vertical context.

The project increases the density of the streetscape, bridging the gap between the low rise historic setting to the rear and the more high-rise canyon of Maid Marian Way (consisting of 4x15, 1x12, 3x10 and 2x9 storey towers). The build itself sits directly in an important and protected line of site from the castle, where the view overlooks the city town hall, market square and skyline. The seven storey cap still gives the block an edge, whilst respectively preserving Nottinghams site lines.

With Nottingham booming with student accommodation in the city centre, there has been no better time for Fortis Developments to expand on their portfolio in the city with an added 94 apartments. Restaurants already occupy the ground floor, enticing residents to the local leisure.

60s builds in the UK tend to have a bad reputation, however it is refreshing to see a developer realise the potential of such a building which does not offend; pumping life into a development which will sit comfortably on the streets of Nottingham for years to come.

A render of the final build:

The steel is being erected!

Photo taken by me, taken on my phone, so apologies for the lower quality, you can also see the recladding of the 15 storey Newton House to the right:

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