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This threas is dedicated to the general summary and updates of Nottinghams projects, and proposals including public transport and infrasture news.

Larger projects will be linked to their individual theead for more indepth information. Whereas smaller projects and news updates will be found here.


#NOTTINGHAM | Lace Market Studios | 30M | 99FT | 10 FLOORS

Official thread:

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NOTTINGHAM | Former NCT Bus Depot | 7 Acres | Mixed Use | Up To 90M | 295FT

Height - Up to 90m / 295ft

Space - 7 acres of ground coverage

Use - Conference centre, apartments, a 5 star hotel, offices and retail

Developer - Nottingham City Council and Henry Boot

Architects - Unknown

Expected Completion - 2020s

This development will consist of a 1,500 seater conference centre, apartments, a 5 star hotel, offices and retail at ground level.

Birds Eye view of the site:

From Google Streetview, with the ice arena to the left:

The current site is to the left of this photo which I took back on Monday of the latest 80,000Sqft addition to the Bio City offices:


Good to see Nottingham has come a long ways since the days of Robin Hood and Maid Marian! :smiley: :wink:


NOTTINGHAM | Maid Marian House | 25M | 82FT | 7 FLOORS

A render of the final build:

The steel is being erected!

Photo taken by me, taken on my phone, so apologies for the lower quality, you can also see the recladding of the 15 storey Newton House to the right:

Official thread:

A big boost for Nottinghams largest local, independent bus operator:

##Nottingham’s NCT buses to get new fleet of 53 biogas-powered double-deckers

The £4.4 million government grant is on top of NCTs £12.4million investment into these buses.

[Quote]Nottingham City Transport (NCT), has been given the £4.4m grant from government’s OLEV low emission bus scheme to add 53 gas buses to its fleet.

They will be on the roads around the city in summer 2017 and are designed to give a quieter, smoother ride while reducing emissions.

NCT estimates they will save 23,204,856kg of carbon being pumped into the city’s atmosphere over the lifetime of the vehicles, compared with conventional diesel buses.[/quote]

NCT Redline 44 as rendered below:

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#NOTTINGHAM | Skills Hub | 323,000 Sqft

Use - Education

Cost - £70million

Space - 323,000Sqft / 30,000 Sqm

Developer - Nottingham City Council + NCN/Central College Partnership

Architects - CPMG

Expected Completion - 2019

I have discovered some new drawings/renders taken from a birds eye view from the landscape architect, Influence, who are working in partnership with CPMG to deliver this project.

The new planned Skills Hub will house 4,000 students at anyone time, with more than 20,000 students to enrol every year, meaning amenities are required to make use of such a thriving space. With this in mind, the plans below may ease peoples opinions due to the sensitivity of such a location fronting the historic Lace Market cliff. There will be a large open space at the base of the rocks, which will have a new lighting scheme as well as further lighting on The Contemporary and lighting modules dotted around the campus, integrating with the new tram stop and bridge, and the further Broadmarsh/Collin Street redevelopment. Retail units will front the new square to help add to the destination at hand with a water feature to mark pedestrianised pathway from the railways side entrance.

As well as this, judging by one of the drawings, compared with the sneak peak render a few months back (as revealed at MIPIM) it appears that the ‘tower’ element will sit above a low-rise podium, paving the way for unobstructed views of the Unitarian Church. The setting and positioning of the college and its massing means that there will also be unobstructed views of the cliff and Lace Market when viewed from Collin Street also.

It is also noted there there will be a tram stop here, providing a new transport hub combined with the future renovated Broadmarsh bus station for the college, lace market, Broadmarsh and castle area.

The current site from the same view point, taken from Google Streetview:

The view from the end of Collin Street, taken from Google Streetview:

Public spaces and overview:


General points of interest and pathways (shows the potential massing of the college)

A thread will be created in time upon receiving further information and renders of the final design.


##NOTTINGHAM | Confetti Institute of Creative Technologies | 7 FLOORS

Use - Education

Developer - Nottingham City Council in partnership with the Institute

Website -

Expected Completion - 2019

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#NOTTINGHAM | Confetti Institute of Creative Technologies | 24M | 79FT | 7 FLOORS

Use - Education

Developer - Nottingham City Council in partnership with the Institute

Architect - Alan Joyce Architects

Website -

Expected Completion - 2019

#NOTTINGHAM | Former Central Fire / Police Station and Guildhall | 410,000Sqft | 23 FLOORS

Height - 23 Floors

Cost - £110 Million

Space - 410,000 Sqft / 38,000 Sqm

Use - Mixed Use

Developer - Nottingham City Council partnered with Miller Birch

Architects - CPMG

Expected start date - 2018

Just to let you guys know, I am currently in the process of creating something which you guys may find interesting. It will help to put into perspective as to what developments are where in Nottingham, fingers crossed I should have it live for you guys later this week, I’ll keep you updated on its progress! - Update: It’s taking a bit longer than expected, but slowly taking shape, just when I think I’ve finished, there’s more to add haha!


Nottingham Interactive Development Map

I now feel as though that this is at a stage where I can publish for all of you guys to see. I am currently in the process of creating an interactive map of Nottinghams developments. The map will be ever growing, however many of the developments without descriptions at the moment will soon be updated. The majority of the developments in the map will eventually have there own thread here on Yimby.

I hope you guys enjoy, I will be updating it regularly :slight_smile:

(please see the hyperlink above ‘Nottingham Interactive Development Map’)

#NOTTINGHAM | Former Forest Mill | 3 - 8 FLOORS | 28M | 92FT

Height - 28m / 92ft

Floors - 3 - 8

Space - 355 residential units

Use - Residential and commercial

Architects - Hodder + Partners

Developer - Maryland Securities

#NOTTINGHAM | Former Central Library | Angel Row | 120,000Sqft | 5 - 9 Floors

Floors - 5 to 9

Space - 120,000Sqft / 11,100Sqm

Use - Commercial / Office

Developer - Henry Boot

#NOTTINGHAM | Eastside

Space - 38 Acres

Use - Mixed Use

Developer - Lavignac Securities Ltd

#Lavignac Securities acquires 38 acre Eastside site

Lavignac Securities have acquired the former Boots Island side, also known as Eastside, which is thought to have been negotiated with Nottingham City Council via a Compulsory Purchase Order. The previous owners of the site showed no signs of development since gaining planning consent back in 2008 to develop 3million Sqft of mixed use space.

Plans are currently being drawn up which are expected to be revealed and put forward to the council early next year, with development to start towards the back end of 2017.

At least 700,000Sqft of signature Grade A office space for large businesses with additional high quality offices for smaller industries are planned to create a varied working environment. Previous plans included 500-650 apartments, however it is yet to be known as to whether that number is to increase or decrease with the new plans. Retail and student accommodation will also be included. As quoted by the developer: ‘You make it look like Chicago or Wall Street, it is soulless, we want there to be a real mix.’

A large open space park in the centre of the development will be created possibly extending the current canal following on from previous plans.

With confirmation that HS2 is to come to Nottingham just a few miles out from the city centre, as well as the addition of new and upcoming tram lines, Nottingham has received an overwhelming rush of companies searching for office space in city centre. Despite the recent announcement, Lavignac Securities have also received a large influx of interest.

With the inclusion of Eastside, at least 950,000Sqft of office space has been confirmed to be in the pipeline for a late 2017 / early 2018 start within the past month. The new owners of Unity Square have yet to reveal any further plans, however with an additional 410,000Sqft of office space expected there, by 2020, Nottingham should expect an additional 1.5million Sqft of new build Grade A office space.

You can view as to where the development is on my Nottingham Interactive Development Map:

A thread will be added once further plans have been revealed


##NOTTINGHAM | Trivett Square | 54-56 High Pavement - 9-10 Short Hill | 22M | 72FT | 3 - 7 Floors

Height - 22m / 72ft

Floors - 3 to 7

Space - 115 apartments

Use - Residential

Developer - Abode Nottingham Ltd

Architects - Maber

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#NOTTINGHAM | Nottingham Castle Revamp

Cost - £30million

Use - Tourist Attraction / Museum

Website -


#NOTTINGHAM | Former Hicking Pentecost | 25M | 82FT | 8 FLOORS

Height - 25m / 82ft

Floors - 8

Space - 350 residential units

Use - Residential

Architects - Maber

Developer - Cassidy Group Property Ltd

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#NOTTINGHAM | 31 Curzon Street | 19M | 62FT | 6 FLOORS

Height - 19m / 62ft

Floors - 6

Space - 198 residential units

Use - Student / Residential

Architects - GMA Architecture

Developer - Globalcove Ltd

Expected Completion - Summer 2017

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#NOTTINGHAM | Former Hicking Pentecost | 25M | 82FT | 8 FLOORS

Grey or Red Brick? Former Hicking Pentecost is set to be approved!

Height - 25m / 82ft

Floors - 8

Space - 350 residential units

Use - Residential

Architects - Maber

Developer - Cassidy Group Property Ltd


Those look great, Stig!

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#NOTTINGHAM | Bridgford House | 10 FLOORS

Floors - 10

Cost - £22million

Space - 94 residential units

Use - Residential

Developer - Monk Estates + Harpin Ltd

Expected Completion - 2018

Bridgford House has been purchased by Monk Estates partnering with Harpin Ltd for £7million to convert and redevelop the former council office site.

At the heart of stadium central, flanked by 3 arenas, Bridgford House will under go a £15million transformation. Converting the tower into 96 luxury apartments, as stated by the developer whilst aiming to provide a ‘gateway’ building as it fronts the iconic Trent Bridge in a media focused area.

Many of the tenants occupying the restaurants and bars at ground level will remain, whilst encouraging further upmarket eateries to take up space. Plans are expected to be put forward to the council this coming summer, with work currently planned to begin towards the end of the year for a mid 2018 finish.

Monk Estates currently hold a reputable track record in Nottingham, with further proposals planned and expected around the city. They are now expanding into the riverside area which is currently thriving with activity by developers all around. A bold statement will be made for both the developer and the city should the transformation of the tower become a success.

#The Site

The site at current as viewed from Trent Bridge. The Forest Ground flanks to the left with Trent Bridge Cricket Ground to the right:

The tower from the rear as it swoops around, the car park is also included as part of the purchase:

A closer view displaying 5 of the current 6 retail/restaurant units filling the ground floor:

#Interactive Development Map

You can view as to where the development is on my Nottingham Interactive Development Map:

Another proposal by the same developer, Monk Estates, of which has recently been approved:

A thread will be added once further plans have been revealed

NOTTINGHAM | Nottingham Skills Hub | 6 Floors

Floors- 4 - 6

Cost - £58 million

Space - 150,000 Sqft

Use - Education + Commercial

Architects - Bond Bryan

Developer - Nottingham College + Nottingham City Council

Website -

Expected Start Date - 2018

The design for Nottinghams new Skills Hub has been revealed as part of the joint venture between NCN and Central College Nottingham.

A large 6 storey block fronts Canal Street, whilst dropping in height towards the Lace Market Cliff. A new pedestrianised walkway will be created as part of the plans with open space and greenery along the tram viaduct and a new square fronting the cliff at the base of the Contemporary Art Museum. The building will be clad in imprinted textured metal and brick.

A planing application is to be submitted in November with an expected start in spring 2018.

Canal Street view:

The Site


Canal Street view at night:

Facing south down the tram viaduct:

Site Overview

Before and After



Interactive Development Map

You can view as to where the development is on my Nottingham Interactive Development Map

More details to follow on this once the planning application is submitted later this month. A new thread may also be created for an in depth overview of the project.