NOTTINGHAM | Guildhall Place | 300,000Sqft | 11 FLOORS

Height - TBC

Cost - £100 Million

Space - 410,000 Sqft / 38,000 Sqm

Use - Mixed Use

Developer - Nottingham City Council partnered with Miller Birch

Architects - CPMG

Expected start date - 2017

The new Guildhall will have ‘WOW’ factor, as quoted by the Nottingham based developer:

"We are looking at a critical mass and high in terms of scale – perhaps towers that we haven’t seen before in Nottingham. Something that is very iconic. That always takes time to get right.

"The design will certainly be interesting and of a quality that the city won’t have seen before."

Ambitious words from the developer, who have had a good track record in Nottingham over the past 10 years.

The Former Central Fire and Police Station and the Guidhall is to redeveloped into a large scale mixed use development comprising of 130,000Sqft of office space, 50,000Sqft of conferencing facilities, a 4* hotel, high-end student accommodation and apartments.

The 4* Hotel will be based in the Grade 2 listed Guildhall building, which housed the Magistrate Courts until 1995, which currently houses many of Nottinghams historic artwork dating back to the Medieval times, this work will be donated to various museums, Wollaton Hall (Wayne Manor in the Dark Knight Rises) and The Castle… The main art-deco Fire and Police station block will be demolished to make way for the new builds on site, of where the offices, conference space and residential elements will be constructed.

Nottingham City Council bought the site 2 years ago, vacating the police to offices down the road, and the fire department to a new purpose built fire station towards the edge of the city centre. Back in March, the council set out a tender for a company to co-develop the site, Miller Birch was the winning contestant; the same company who developed the 105,000Sqft, 9 storey, 59m tall Eon Headquarters back in 2011-2012 which is based on the same block (As seen below). As mentioned in other threads, Nottingham City Council supposedly have ‘deep pockets’ compared with other councils across the country, of which they buy up sites and co develop with other developers, the Eon development was the first development in the city being co-developed this way.

The development is also backed heavily by Nottingham Trent University, whose city campus is based across the road to the west.

The below renders were discovered by myself on CPMG (the architects) website, however an inside source says that the final product is to look completely different, which was also hinted by the ‘critical mass’ ‘high’ ‘towers not seen in Nottingham before’ comments. However feast your eyes, and await final renders.

From Shakespeare Street:

The site from above:

  • Blue represents the Miller Birch developed Eon Headquarters

  • Red represents the form Fire / Police and Guildhall site

The photos below of the site were taken by me last week:

Taken from roughly the same perspective as the renders above, you can see Nottinghams tallest tower at 26 storeys to the far left, the The Central Station building in the middle is to be demolished:

Taken from the opposite end of the Central station:

The Guildhall which is to be restored and converted in a 4* hotel, with the neighbouring Eon Headquarters towering over next door:

Another angle of The Guildhall, this time capturing the Art Deco Newton and Arkwright university tower to the left:

The Burton Street Canyon flanked by the Eon offices, Trinity Square, The Guildhall and the Universities Newton and Arkwright tower:


#Finalised Buyout of Guildhall Confirms 2018 Start

Nottingham City Council have officially confirmed the purchasing of the Guildhall site has now been finalised, with the new developer, Miller Birch, setting eyes on an early 2018 start.

Previously housing the city centres police and fire services, who have since been vacated to more modern accommodation including a new build fire station to the south of the city, the 1930’s blocks to the north will make way to a new build consisting of varying heights.

The listed Guildhall to the south of the site previously housed Nottinghams Magistrates Courts until 1995, where they since moved to a new premises to the south of the city. The new plans include the restoration and conversion of the stone clad build into a 4 star hotel, with the rich history to play a major characteristic, creating an iconic destination for visitors and tourists to stay in the city.

Miller Birch have already been in contact with potential tenants to fill the proposed 410,000Sqft development, consisting of Grade A offices, student accommodation, conferencing facilities as well as the previously mentioned 4 star hotel.

As quoted by Peter Gadsby, the Chairman of Miller Birch: ‘We now look forward to progressing our plans and to work with the occupiers to deliver an iconic building befitting such an important prime city centre site’

With such a developer having a successful track record in the city, the premise of a 2018 start date appears to be nearing the horizon for one of Nottingham’s largest ever developments.

A new render revealed, resembling a much more refined version of the low rise section in the massing models previously posted, showing a defined and prominent entrance with a proud appearance:

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New information has been revealed that the tower element will be a 21 storey office tower containing 275,000Sqft of space specified to attract blue chip companies.

The rest of the development will include a 750 eater conference centre, along with the refurbishment of the Grade 2 listed Guildhall into a 130 room 5* hotel.

The previously revealed design by CPMG rendered into its surroundings:

A new diagram of the development split into sections, revealing the internal layout of the conference centre as well as to how the hotel and tower will be integrated:


That looks great, Stig!

#Official Plans Revealed for £120million Flagship Development

Floors - 11

Cost - £120 Million

Space - 300,000 Sqft / 28,000 Sqm

Use - Mixed Use

Developer - Miller Birch

Architects - TBC

Expected start date - 2018


  • 100,000Sqft Office Space

  • 120 Room 4/5 Star Hotel

  • 500 Bed Student Accommodation

  • Retail

  • Conference Centre and Facilities


  • Summer 2017 - All tenants / occupiers expected to be signed up

  • October 2017 - Planning application submitted

  • March 2018 - Work to start on site

  • October 2019 - Completion

#New Build

The 11 storey tower to the left will house the offices, whilst the entrance to the conference centre sits to the right as steps guide you upwards. Retail units will line Shakespeare Street:

Advertisement boards now on site (image courtesy of Notts TV):


The refurbishment and conversion of the Guildhall which was previously home to the Magistrates Court.

Marriott are rumoured to be the occupiers.

The lobby:

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Nice project, Stig!

PS: Solidarity with the U.K. On this tragic day.