NOTTINGHAM | St Matthews Square | 11 FLOORS | 41M | 135FT

Height - 41m / 135ft

Floors - 11

Space - 353 residential units

Use - Student / Residential

Architects - Franklin Ellis Architects

Developer - Red Oak Property

A planning application has been put forward for a large student build situated on the old St Matthews Square site nestled between Talbot and Wollaton Street. Comprising of 353 residential units, the Franklin Ellis designed proposal will stand 11 storeys tall whilst sitting upon a 3 storey stone podium, of which appears to be a major remodelling of the current stone wall on site.

Above the podium will sit two large blocks ranging in height, colour and design to add interest to the development. The Wollaton Street side looks to be quite an icon for Nottingham due to its strong but elegant presence along with both the podium and block above having a subtle curve following the curvature of the street.

St Matthews Square will be one of the final pieces of the puzzle in completely filling this end of the city. The only way the area will develop further is for old building stock to be demolished and built upon. The quality in student developments within the city has recently seen a major boost; gone are the days of cheap cladding and poor design, quality brick and materials with classy designs are now paving the way forward.

The Site

Wollaton Street:

Talbot Street:

Renders & Drawings

Renders of the proposal from slightly afar vantage points:

Massing Diagrams

Wollaton Street:

Stone Podium:

View Points

Interactive Development Map

You can view as to where the development is on my Nottingham Interactive Development Map

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